Posted On: 03/11/21 6:53 PM

With the Covid pandemic Freshman had to make the most of the time they had in their first high school season.   Here we look at freshman who played Freshman and on the JV team, that you may see in the coming years on varsity.

Jamen Goldberg, position G, Newton north

Jamen is a lefty point guard, who is a good solid fundamental guard. Jamen should fit well in the north offense in the coming years. Jamen is aggressive and a good finisher, and looks comfortable playing in the high school scene.  

Jackson Shaw, Needham JV, Position G 

Jackson is a competitive and athletic player. Jackson has made himself known in the Aau circuit playing for middlesex magic, and now in the high school scene. Jackson is fast off the dribble. On defense Jackson should fit well into the Needham 1-3-1 zone. I expect for Jackson to be an impact player during his time for the rockets.

Elias Kiristy, Newton South, Position G/F

Elias is a stretch guard and forward. Elias is a very solid shooter, and is strong going to the basket. Elias has a high basketball IQ. Elias is a good shooter off the dribble, and spot up.  Elias’s brother was an all star player for the lions, and I expect Elias to be an impact player as well for the lions. 

Charlie Quirk, Newton South, Position F

Charlie has been working hard and really improving his game. In the few Freshman games they had, Charlie showed his scoring and defense abilities.  Charlie has improved his handles and shooting a lot. Charlie is forward but does have some guard skills. I expect Charlie to continue to improve this AAu season. 

Stephan Barnes, Waltham, PG

Stephan is a quick and athletic point guard. Stephan uses his athleticism to his advantage, and will continue to get bigger and stronger. Stephan is a scorer who can run an offense. Stephan played well in the games they had at waltham. Stephan is a player to watch out for, and a name you will hear about in the varsity scene.