Posted On: 03/25/21 9:13 PM

The debut edition of the 2024 rankings is now live, and you can see the 20 players who made the cut here. It was a unique year to evaluate a new freshman class, and I am thankful for all the schools who found ways to live stream their events online, otherwise it would have been impossible to provide coverage all year, let alone create a comprehensive rankings. The conclusion of high school basketball and the beginning of AAU ball provides a perfect time to deep dive the new rankings. Let’s start with three general takeaways I have after completing the list.

AAU season will clarify evaluations

The players in this set of rankings were all in very different situations throughout their high school season. Neal Mosser Neal Mosser 6'2" | SF Millard North | 2024 State NE is ranked number one in the initial draft, yet he hardly played for a senior-laden, highly-talented Millard North team. Landon Pokorski Landon Pokorski 6'0" | PG Gretna | 2024 State NE , on the other hand, was the primary initiator for the Gretna Dragons from the first game to the last. Conveniently, eight of the top ten players in the class will all be playing for the same OSA Crusaders team. When the Nebraska Supreme 2024 rosters are

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