Posted On: 03/29/21 11:10 AM

After breaking down five guards now ranked in the 2024 class, we will turn to the forwards and wings. Some of these players have potential to move into more of an initiator role in the coming years, but currently spend their time on the wings or in the post. Now let’s dive into the evaluations:

Neal Mosser Neal Mosser 6'2" | SF Millard North | 2024 State NE

In our first draft of the 2024 rankings, Mosser earned the #1 spot. This was a pick based a lot off of projection, considering Mosser played only about four minutes per game for the Mustangs in his first year. Mosser managed to impact the game in a positive way in his short stints. In limited action, he has shown to be a deadly three-point shooter who can comfortably extend it several feet beyond the arc. He handles the ball well, and has the potential to be a high-end rebounder. Several other players in this class demonstrated similar ability in a larger role, but I went with Mosser at his size for the top spot. He will have a great platform to experiment and expand his game this summer, and he will have ample opportunity for the Mustangs next season after

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