Posted On: 03/16/21 11:27 PM

Shooting is the most valuable skill on the basketball court, and the ten players listed below are all marksmen of the highest order. In order to make this list, I needed to see a certain amount of shooting versatility from the prospect. Can he make contested shots? Is he able to reproduce a clean shooting motion regardless of external factors, such as a bad pass? How many different ways can the player unlock shooting opportunities? These are a few of the questions I ask myself when evaluating shooting. Here are the top shooters I watched this season:

Saint Thomas Saint Thomas 6'6" | CG Millard North | 2021 State NE  Millard North 21’

Saint hit big shots all season long. The senior had 15 games in which he scored 20+ points, including a 48-point performance against Bellevue West in the Metro Holiday Tournament Final. His footwork is what makes him one of the best shooters off the catch in Nebraska. He is more than comfortable running around screens and flowing into his shot. He has a knack for recognizing when his defender might be relaxed, and relocating into the open space for open shots. Saint is not as developed at shooting off the dribble at some of the names below,

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