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Posted On: 02/23/21 10:27 AM

As we have wrapped up our last few games of the regular season. I was able to attend and watch Class A Omaha Benson travel to Bellevue East for there final road game, No.3 Creighton Prep on the road taking on nationally-ranked No.16 Millard North, Omaha Bryan taking on Omaha South, & last but not least, No.1 Bellevue West hosting No.5 Omaha Central. 

Bellevue East 60 vs Omaha Benson 55

Ater Louis Ater Louis 6'7" | C Bellevue East | 2021 State NE | 6’7 C | Bellevue East – Ater was playing exceptional throughout the entire night and was unstoppable in the post. Ater finished with 15 points 6 rebounds 4 assists along with 7 blocks. Ater leads the state in blocks and currently ranked 7th in the nation. 

Anthony Adkisson | 6’3 W | Omaha Benson – Adkisson was able to reel in the Bunnies back within 4 points with a minute remaining in the game. Anthony was able to play both ends of the court, he was long and quick enough to guard multiple positions. Anthony finished the game with a game-high 17 points 8 rebounds and 4 steals. 

Antone McNair Antone McNair 5'11" | CG Omaha Benson | 2022 NE | 6’0 Guard | Omaha Benson – McNair was another piece for the Bunnies that nearly helped pulled the upset off. McNair knocked down 4 three-pointers finishing with 15 points 4 rebounds and 3 steals.

Creighton Prep 76 vs Millard North 75

Luke Jungers Luke Jungers 6'9" | PF Omaha Creighton Prep | 2022 State NE | 6’9 Forward | Creighton Prep – Luke Jungers Luke Jungers 6'9" | PF Omaha Creighton Prep | 2022 State NE played very solid from tip-off to the final buzzer. He was able to do it all for the Jr. Jays, he shot 3/4 from the 3, he was 5/5 from the free throw-line, his post game and footwork was unstoppable. Luke finished with a career-high 22 points with 5 rebounds and 3 block.

Justin Sitti Justin Sitti 6'0" | PG Omaha Creighton Prep | 2021 State NE | 6’2 Guard | Creighton Prep – Justin Sitti Justin Sitti 6'0" | PG Omaha Creighton Prep | 2021 State NE was my favorite player throughout the night. He was very poised, made the right decision at the right time. Sitti was able to get to the foul-line with 4 seconds remaining. He was able to knock down both free throws to steal the win and upset Millard North on the road. Sitti finished the night with 15 points and 6 assists. 

Hunter Sallis Hunter Sallis 6'4" | CG Millard North | 2021 State #8 Nation NE | 6’5 Guard | Millard North – Hunter showed out and played spectacular on the court. He was very dominate on the defensive end where he had 3 steals that led to fast break show-time dunks. Hunter finished with a game-high 27 points. 

Saint Thomas Saint Thomas 6'6" | CG Millard North | 2021 State NE | 6’6 Wing | Millard North – After a slow start to the game for Saint, he was able to erupt for 13 points in the 3rd quarter. He knocked down 3 three’s for the Mustangs that gave them there biggest lead of the game, going up 12 points. Thomas finished with 19 points 11 rebounds 5 assists and 3 steals.