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This month we introduce our updated Class of 2021 rankings!! Rankings are subjective and ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at four Class of 2021 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.

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Gioppino Basketball clip art#211 Preston HickeyPrestonHickey6'1" | PGNorthview Academy | 2021StateTN (Northview Academy)

Great first-step quickness. Northview excels in the halfcourt by utilizing his burst to separate.  Still, his strength is exploding out in transition.  Few guards in his district are even capable of tracking back with him.  


Gioppino Basketball clip art#212 Jeremiah MeltonJeremiahMelton5'8" | PGTyner Academy | 2021StateTN (Tyner Academy)

Jeremiah MeltonJeremiahMelton5'8" | PGTyner Academy | 2021StateTN is a player first evaluated by PrepHoopsTN back in June 2019.  He attended our combine with many of his AAU teammates.  Melton ran with Chattanooga Elite.  He was then and still is a strong, probing point guard. He earned a much bigger role with Tyner Academy since that event, through his own hard work.  One thing did not change at all, his hand size.

Possibly Melton is able to keep a tight handle on the basketball because he owns a couple of bear paws for hands.  The hands of Melton measured 10.0″ from thumb to pinky tip, when fanned out.  For frame of reference the 2019 NBA Combine measured 70 draft-ready players this month.  Just 12 of them featured hands wider than Jeremiah MeltonJeremiahMelton5'8" | PGTyner Academy | 2021StateTN and all of those men were 6-foot-3 or taller.  He is 5-foot-8.

In the skills department few players passed better than Melton.  He delivered quick, early passes to fellow guards and that sharpness helped them slash urgently before the defenders rotated.  Melton gave his 5 vs. 5 team multiple easy opportunities. 

Gioppino Basketball clip art#213 Spencer MimmsSpencerMimms6'6" | SGRossview | 2021StateTN (Rossview) @MimmsSpencer

Spencer MimmsSpencerMimms6'6" | SGRossview | 2021StateTN continues to grow as a player.  He was first watched by PrepHoopsTN during the fall 2019 combine.  Read more about Spencer back then below.  Mimms continues to be a good shooter.  With his aging he took on a larger rebounding role with the team.  Mimms ranks second on the team with 4.3 rpg.  His defensive instincts are good though his feet are slightly slower than ideal to guard a college 2.  Small forward at a D3 college feels ideal in terms of fit. There is often little distinction between a shooting guard and a small forward anymore and Mimms is a capable wing scorer at many levels.  Mimms averages 7.5 points per game for the Rossview Hawks.  Good fitness. good strength.

From November 2019 — Spencer MimmsSpencerMimms6'6" | SGRossview | 2021StateTN is a 6’4″+ scoring guard [NOTE: In 2021, Spencer is 6’6″].  Perfect height for a college 2-guard.  Mimms has the makeup for the position too.  Nice, repeatable shot.   

He gets into his shot very fluidly.  Doesn’t need the ball in his hands to work.  Plays well off the ball.  Moves ok.   Need to see him with taller teammates, to understand how well he moves around the arc and from side-to-side.  With this group he was necessarily more of a 3/4.  His future is a 2/3.  Coachable.  

Mimms needs more gumption, more grit.  His technique, both shooting and rebounding, is sound.  Judging purely from this one occasion Spencer can and should be more scrappy and more hungry.  He doesn’t play casual, but he appears casual for stretches.  Appearing casual can be just as treacherous to scouts as being casual.  Invest more for loose balls.  Move more without the basketball.  Talk, talk, talk!   Simple adjustments here will go a long way.  Spencer’s limitations are not insurmountable like they are for the majority of the high school basketball population.

 Gioppino Basketball clip art#214 Coltin ReynoldsColtinReynolds6'5" | SFPowell | 2021StateTN (Powell)

Coltin played a huge part in Powell’s basketball success but will not play anymore. He is a star baseball player signed to Walters State. 

#4 Eli WallsEliWalls6'3" | SGPowell | 2022StateTN* (2022)
#10 Parker Haley* (2021)
#13 Bryce Burkhart* (2023)
#22 Ayden Greene* (2023)
#32 Logan Sutton* (2021)

Gioppino Basketball clip art#215 Noah BowmanNoahBowman6'9" | PFJefferson Conuty | 2021StateTN  (Jefferson County)

Noah BowmanNoahBowman6'9" | PFJefferson Conuty | 2021StateTN is a wonderful rim-runner with soft touch with both hands around the rim.  Free throws are not a problem.  He does not have the otherworldly athleticism to vault him into the D1 conversation, but there is definitely a future for the 6-foot-10 big man.  Bowman boasts a 3.5 GPA too.

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