Posted On: 02/24/21 5:39 PM

Xzayvier Brown 6’1 ‘23
Brown who lets the ball talk on offense, plays well out of pick & roll sets. He has a reliable layup package which he uses often when attacking downhill. Brown adapts to situations thrown at him and changes speeds regularly. Takes charges and uses his quickness to allude post-ups from bigger opponents. Brown plays a lot older than his age and has a high basketball IQ.

Khalil Farmer Khalil Farmer PG Roman Catholic | 2022 State PA 6’3 ‘22
Farmer who can get hot at a moment’s notice and has microwave abilities. Farmer uses his size and strength to barrel into defenders to get to where he wants to on the floor. He also showed that he could score the ball at all 3 levels. He doesn’t need to ball in his hands to contribute and moves well within the flow of the game. His length allows him to be a capable help defender and he also showed he could come up with steals. Farmer has great instincts of the game and will only get better because of that.

Daniel Skillings Daniel Skillings 6'5" | SG Roman Catholic | 2022 State PA 6’5 ‘22
Skillings is walking double-double without a play being

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