Posted On: 02/19/21 12:41 PM

Classic 8AA stalwarts, as the tournament arrives, are Matthew SellsMatthewSells6'3" | SGLivingston Academy | 2021StateTN (Livingston Academy), Collin GoreCollinGore5'11" | PGUpperman | 2021StateTN (Upperman), Alex RushAlexRush6'7" | PFUpperman | 2021StateTN (Upperman).  

Both Riley Cooper (York Institute) Nic Smith (York Institute), and Gus DavenportGusDavenport6'4" | SGCannon County | 2022StateTN (Cannon County) earned their way onto the All-District Team with the three previously mentioned with consistent play.





York Institute
#1 Nic Smith* (2022)
#5 Myles Leffew* (2024)
#10 Bryson Bilbrey* (2024)
#23 Riley Cooper* (2021)
#32 Jonathan Heddings* (2022)

#3 Eli Scarlett (2021)
#22 Brayden CousinoBraydenCousino6'0" | PGWatertown | 2022StateTN (2022)
#23 Q Hughes-Malone (2021)
#32 Trent Spradlin

Sneaky Pete’s

Gore, Rush, Sells.  The names are familiar to the extreme, household names even.  Sells started in the state tournament as a freshman.  Rush and Gore were scouted by college coaches whilst playing 15u.  The question is, what players in 8AA will sneak up on defensive schemes?  Who will personally construct a 5-0 run?  Read about these “Sneaky Pete’s.”

Lavell Rogers (Cannon County) – Lavell is a starter and respected.  Watch for him to be vital if Cannon County intends to overcome the Watertown Purple Tigers.

A.J. ArmstrongA.J.Armstrong6'0" | PGCannon County | 2024TN (Cannon County) – Armstong is a stunningly fit freshman with excellent outside touch already.  He made 27 three-pointers to this point.  The focus facing Cannon County must be 22-point scorer Gus DavenportGusDavenport6'4" | SGCannon County | 2022StateTN, but Armstrong and Rogers will contribute offensively too.

Brayden CousinoBraydenCousino6'0" | PGWatertown | 2022StateTN (Watertown) – A true scrapper.  Brayden is not the classic point guard that Collin GoreCollinGore5'11" | PGUpperman | 2021StateTN is, but Brayden is every bit the fighter.  Also a football player, Brayden generates offense through grit, passing, and modest penetrating.  In a close game coaches want somebody with hunger and poise with the basketball.  Brayden is accustomed to critical games and plays with nothing but hunger.

Bryson Bilbrey (York Institute) – Freshmen rarely impact postseason runs.  A couple that did include: Kennedy Chandler, Matthew SellsMatthewSells6'3" | SGLivingston Academy | 2021StateTN. Bryson is a tall, lanky wing capable of scoring, rebounding, or simply hustling.  His contributions will be key for a deep team. 


8AA Player of the Year
Alex RushAlexRush6'7" | PFUpperman | 2021StateTN-Upperman

Coach of the Year
Bobby McWilliams-Upperman and Roy Whited-York Institute

Defensive Player of the Year
Alex RushAlexRush6'7" | PFUpperman | 2021StateTN-Upperman

All Defensive Team
Collin GoreCollinGore5'11" | PGUpperman | 2021StateTN-Upperman, Nick Smith-York Institute, Eli Melton-Livingston Academy, Q. Hughes Malone-Watertown, and Brayden Antoniak-DeKalb County.

Freshman of the Year
Bryson Bilbrey-York Institute and Miles Leffew-York Institute

All Freshman Team
A.J. ArmstrongA.J.Armstrong6'0" | PGCannon County | 2024TN-Cannon County, Peyton Hix-Smith County, Theo Winters-Cannon County, and Zach Byrd-York Institute.

Most Improved Player
Jonathan Heddings-York Institute

8AA All-District

First Team
Collin GoreCollinGore5'11" | PGUpperman | 2021StateTN-Upperman,  Matthew SellsMatthewSells6'3" | SGLivingston Academy | 2021StateTN-Livingston Academy, Riley Cooper-York Institute, Nic Smith-York Institute, and Gus DavenportGusDavenport6'4" | SGCannon County | 2022StateTN-Cannon County

Second Team
Q. Hughes Malone-Watertown, Evan Jones-DeKalb County, Jonathan Heddings-York Institute, Eli Scarlett-Watertown, and Jace McWilliamsJaceMcWilliams5'10" | PGUpperman | 2021StateTN-Upperman

Third Team
Jaxon Fox-Upperman, Lavell Rogers-Cannon County, Braydee Brooks-Macon County, Eli Melton-Livingston Academy, and Nick Choate-Livingston Academy

Honorable Mention
A.J. ArmstrongA.J.Armstrong6'0" | PGCannon County | 2024TN-Cannon County, Jordan Young-DeKalb County, Elishah Ramos-DeKalb County, Conner Johnson-Macon County, Dennis West-Smith County, Matthew Sinclair-Smith County, Brayden Holliman-Smith County, A.J. Nash-Upperman, Brayden CousinoBraydenCousino6'0" | PGWatertown | 2022StateTN-Watertown, Miles Leffew-York Institute, and Bryson Bilbrey-York Institute