Jacobe Johnson.

Posted On: 02/18/21 3:00 PM

Jacobe Johnson Jacobe Johnson 6'3" | SG Mustang | 2023 State #133 Nation OK | 2023 Mustang G-F

Johnson put together two outstanding performances for the Broncos on back-to-back days, one defensive and one offensive. Friday against Southmoore, Johnson defected passes and caused turnovers at auspicious moments in the game; he has a sixth sense for anticipating and hawking down opposing passes. Saturday morning against Moore, Johnson was one of few players who was able to score, and that is a modest way to put it; he tallied 20 of the Broncos’ 37 points, hitting shots through contact, knocking down the Broncos’ only made 3-point field goal and converting in transition.

Rodney Gray | 2024 Southmoore G

Gray could potentially be Southmoore’s most capable isolation-score. His game has a lot of finesse, and-one-mixtape-esque skills, but he kept it to a minimum against Mustang and inflated the best parts of his game. Gray moves very quickly, has a remarkably sharp crossover and can finish up, around, and under defensive mobs with either hand. Another selling point on Gray’s game is his skill at the perimeter, creating shots for himself as he did Friday night — and most importantly, being trusted by Stogsdill to score in designed sets for him to isolate a defender. His shot-sinking could improve, but the first step is in the bag for Gray.

Malachi Lee | 2023 Moore SG

Lee is a force to be reckoned with for the Lions, contributing 8 points Saturday in Moore’s upset against Mustang. Off-the-ball, Lee moves a ton, and he can find open gaps in defenses to find shots or attack the rim and collapse the defense. He only rebounds the ball exceptionally, battling to keep possessions in Moores’ hands and allowing second-opportunity shots.

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