Posted On: 02/28/21 9:36 AM

With all the teams everyone expected still alive, this is where anything can happen, especially in 6A.


Bingham has been playing some solid basketball, especially at the defensive end. 

6’2 SG Justus Reiser, Justus has that range that can knock teams out. He plays well off the ball and can create his own shot off the dribble.

6’5 W Kam Dupaix Kam Dupaix 6'4" | CG Bingham | 2022 State UT seems to be playing better after an early injury had slowed him down. Great inside and out game. He is strong and can hold his own 1-5 defensively. Sleeper 2022 prospect. 

6’0 PG Jordan Toscano Jordan Toscano 6'1" | PG Bingham | 2021 State UT can really change the game with his mid-range and passing ability. 

American Fork

The team that was a favorite for so many early is still in it and they have the guys to take it all the way and they start inside out. 

6’9 F Jaxon Kohler Jaxon Kohler 6'9" | PF American Fork | 2022 #72 Nation has been lights out as of late and no matter what teams throw at him he still produces He will make it tough to beat AF. 

6’4 G Jace Chatman Jace Chatman 6'4" | CG American Fork | 2021 State UT has been the biggest addition out on the perimeter because he has size. Great mid-range game and outside game, he makes it hard to double as he can cut and relocate with his high IQ. 


When you face a team that is full of high motor players that can play in the perimeter there can be trouble.

6’3 G Rex Sunderland Rex Sunderland 6'3" | PG Davis | 2022 State UT has been a leader this season as he has not only shot the ball well but been huge when it comes to big shots late in the game or when Davis needs a bucket. 

Pleasant Grove

With a roster that has been forced to play deeper than expected many players on the squad have stepped up. 

6’5 SG Dylan Jones Dylan Jones 6'6" | SG Westlake | 2022 State UT . this kid will make you pay from deep in some way or another. If he is open it is most likely it will go in. 

6’4 McCaden Adams McCaden Adams 6'3" | CG Pleasant Grove | 2022 State UT great length and skill. Crafty guard with good size that finds ways to finish. 

Lone Peak

Lone Peak has been fighting and clawing it’s way into a position to continue to advance. 

6’9 Cameron Brimhall Cameron Brimhall 6'8" | PF Lone Peak | 2021 State UT is a double-double machine and will be tough to stop with his skill on the blocks and ability to finish over players. 

6’0 Ethan Copeland has been consistent with his solid play as he is putting up shy of 19 PPG. Ethan does a little bit of everything but he can heat up from outside at any moment. 


Westlake is that team that was hot all season, the question is can they regroup against the best teams after a few tough losses. 

6’4 G Noah McCord Noah McCord 6'3" | SG Westlake | 2021 State UT has stepped it up when it comes to scoring production. He is now putting up 10 PPG and he gets them the hard way with his tough get to the basket type of play. 

6’2 Kaleb Furey is an interesting prospect as he is one of the bounciest 6’2 guards out there. He is smooth in the open floor and he has the ability to score from all over the floor. Kaleb does a good job of letting the game come to him. 


When it comes to teams guard play Skyridge is that team that can really cause issues with the amount of guards they have that can score. 

6’4 SG Duncan Reid Duncan Reid 6'4" | SG Skyridge | 2021 State UT , has shown a different side of his game this year as he has shown that he can score inside the arc just as well. Duncan could get hot and there is nothing most teams can do because he moves so well without the ball and he is always working off of clever sets. 

6’4 G Parker Christensen Parker Christensen 6'4" | PG Skyridge | 2021 State UT could be the “X-Factor as he has scored in double figures all year with consistent inside and outside play. 

Corner Canyon

This team is top heavy with two elite players that play inside and out. They will be a duo that will be tough to contain. Their role players will need to be huge. 

6’3 G Trace Ross Trace Ross 6'3" | PG Corner Canyon | 2021 State UT , can play all 3 positions and he has really stepped it up defensively this year taking on some tough assignments on the defensive end. Quick shot off the bounce, two feet or coming off of screens. 

6’9 SF Carter Welling Carter Welling 6'10" | PF Corner Canyon | 2021 State UT , with a great motor and some elite rim running ability Carter can really show that he is one of the best if not the best SF in 6A.