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Posted On: 01/5/21 10:06 PM

Focus on many of tonight’s best 3-point shooters.

If you had a big night from the three-point line, DM your stats to @PrepHoopsTN.


| Davis SalleeDavisSallee6'5" | SFUSJ | 2021StateTN | Guard | USJ |

In pursuit of a double-digit comeback, Davis caught fire in the second half whilst hosting ECS and Marquette-signed star Kameron JonesKameronJones6'4" | PGECS | 2021State#177NationTN.  Sallee’s shooting touch was on display from every corner of the court. Sallee made his corner shots.  Sallee pulled up with elegance.  Importantly, Sallee converted his free throws.  Alas, it was not enough to conquer the poised, senior-laden ECS outfit.


| Hudson Stokes | Guard | Hardin Valley |

Hudson Stokes is a name unfamiliar to PrepHoopsTN readers, but he is a legit shooter.  Hudson made the EAB East AAU team last spring, but they folded due to CoVid-19.  Stokes managed 36 points Tuesday night in a 59-52 win over Heritage.  He earned mention in this particular piece with his 7-10 shooting from outside the golden arc.


| Landon Smith | Small Forward | Adamsville |

That paint you see on the basketball is Landon’s fault.  His arch is high enough that it probably scratched the ceiling.  I jest.  Landon is a surprisingly, considering his AHS position of post player, solid outside shooter.  He loves the wings and performs expertly in a catch-and-shoot scenario.  Tuesday, January 5th, his Cardinals were destroyed by Jackson South Side and yet Landon did well from deep.


| C.P.A. | Whole Team | C.P.A. |

This weekly article is turning into C.P.A. propaganda.  Perhaps it should not be surprising that C.P.A. often lands in an article focused outside shooting, considering the playing style they have.  What is unique and noteworthy is the sheer volume of Lion players hitting the deep shot(s) in 2020-2021.  Tuesday C.P.A. reported 14 made 3’s. 

| Houston DyerHoustonDyer6'2" | PGKnoxville West | 2021StateTN | Guard | Knoxville West |

In a astonishingly tight game versus Maryville, West leaned on the scoring of four major players (Keishawn Bowman, Gabriel PastranaGabrielPastrana6'0" | PGKnoxville West | 2022StateTN, Will BivenWillBiven6'3" | SGKnoxville West | 2022StateTN, Houston DyerHoustonDyer6'2" | PGKnoxville West | 2021StateTN).  Houston led the way with 14 points and buried 2 of 5 from downtown.


| Andrew Beavers | Guard | McMinn County |

Tuesday was an incredible night for Beavers.  Facing the monster rival McMinn Central, Beavers made 9-11 from deep!


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