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The final January Tuesday wrapped, but there is so much to learn and absorb before the dust settles.

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Luke Fleming (Beech) vs. Portland: Solid guard. Precise feet.  Not wildly explosive. Exceptional court awareness.  Fleming locks in mentally as well as anybody in the Hendersonville-area.  

Jacob Beasley Jacob Beasley 5'10" | PG Rockvale | 2021 State TN (Rockvale) vs. Riverdale: Breakout senior season for the muscular shooter. Beasley finished with 15 points in the loss.

Damon Fann Damon Fann 6'2" | SG Riverdale | 2022 State TN (Riverdale): Damon scored 19 points tonight. Read about both Fann and Beasley in the Top 20 Guards in Rutherford County below.

Trey Morrow Trey Morrow 6'4" | SG Scott County | 2022 State TN  (Scott County)  – Electric scorer. Trey will be a Mr. Basketball candidate.  He deserves mounds and mounds of praise and recognition.  That said, Morrow was not unstoppable on this night.  Fulton managed to throw flailing arms at him, challenge or at least pester, during most shot attempts.  The ceiling for Morrow is still in question.  Is he a D1 starter at some point?  Probably.  Morrow’s skills and clinical attacks are remarkable for a high school player.  The Fulton game was a fantastic challenge though and perhaps re-introduced how much he will need to improve to score constantly at the pinnacle of this sport.  Morrow is admittedly carrying a massive scoring burden with his team when they face elite Class AA teams like Fulton.  Honestly, Fulton is a potential State Champion.  This criticism all must be understood within the context of Trey is among the best scorers in the state…and he also has room to improve.

Devin Mixon (Knoxville Webb) vs. The King’s Academy: Exceptional perimeter defense.  Frankly, Mixon was not leaned upon much in a blowout win.  Still, he is an unheralded player with small college potential.

Devaki Garr Devaki Garr 6'0" | PG Ensworth | 2023 State TN (Enswoth): Devaki scored 10 points in a win.

Brandon Maclin Brandon Maclin 6'4" | SG Jackson South Side | 2021 State TN (South Side): Brandon is among the most physical, dominating guards in the state.  Tuesday evening he recorded 14 points with 10 rebounds in another win.

Jack Browder (Dobyns-Bennett):  The high-academic shooter scored 12 points with 9 rebounds and 6 assists in a loss to Science Hill High.

Riggs Abner Riggs Abner 6'6" | SG Green Hill | 2021 State TN (Green Hill) vs. Wilson Central: Riggs finished the game just 12 points shy of 1,000 career points. His output against Wilson Central was 32 points.  

Connor Martin Connor Martin 6'5" | SF Heritage | 2022 State TN (Heritage) vs. Karns: Martin knocked down 18 points with 9 rebounds. Martin’s versatility is key and lefty shooter continues to blossom into a tall, wing scorer.  Featured after PrepHoopsTN Combine two years ago.

Connor Martin @PrepHoopsTN Summer Combine Recapture

The Forwards

The forwards were featured in this article below.

Tuesday Night Terrors (Forwards)

Teams Watched

  • Knoxville Webb
  • The King’s Academy
  • Portland
  • Beech
  • Fulton
  • Scott County
  • Green Hill
  • Wilson Central
  • Summit
  • Centennial


Green Hill
#3 Riggs Abner Riggs Abner 6'6" | SG Green Hill | 2021 State TN * (2021)
#11 Zach Blair* (2021)
#12 Paxton Davidson Paxton Davidson 6'3" | PG Green Hill | 2022 State TN * (2022)
#22 Mo Ruttlen* (2022)
#43 Jason Burch* (2023)

Wilson Central
#1 Zack Markus Zack Markus 5'11" | PG Wilson Central | 2021 State TN * (2021)
#12 Ethan Thomas* (2022)
#23 Damion Fayne* (2022)
#13 Hunter Scurlock* (2021)
#24 Adler Kerr Adler Kerr 6'2" | PG Wilson Central | 2022 State TN * (2022)

#0 Treyvon Barberry (2022)
#1  Patrick Garrett Patrick Garrett 6'1" | PG Centennial | 2021 State TN * (2021)
#3 Malachi Pointer (2021)
#15 Luke Westmoreland* (2021)
#23 Matthew Busing (2021)

#4 Caleb Jolley* (2021)
#5 Tre Hunter* (2021)
#12 Konata Werts Konata Werts 5'10" | PG Summit | 2021 State TN * (2021)
#1  Destin Wade Destin Wade 6'4" | SF Summit (FB) | 2022 State TN * (2022)
Keaton Wade* (2022)

After your games, DM your stats or boxscore photos to @PrepHoopsTN to be considered for future articles.  Follow @AndrewForce8.

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