Posted On: 01/17/21 2:48 PM

Another full week of high school hoops is on the horizon across Kentucky and there is a great slate of games. Here are the top games of the week.


The rare Monday morning game is on the schedule between Central Hardin and Owensboro Catholic.  Hayden Ash Hayden Ash 5'11" | SG Central Hardin | 2022 State KY and the Bruins will try to slow down  Brian Griffith Brian Griffith 5'9" | PG Owensboro Catholic | 2022 State KY and the Aces.

Justin Becker Justin Becker 6'6" | PF Robertson County | 2022 State KY  and Robertson County travel to Ashland Blazer to face  Cole Villers Cole Villers 6'2" | SG Ashland Blazer | 2022 State KY and the Tomcats.

Huge game in the first region as  Zion Harmon Zion Harmon 5'10" | PG Marshall County | 2021 State #52 Nation KY and the Marshalls of Marshall County host McCracken County and  Noah Dumas Noah Dumas 5'10" | PG McCracken County | 2021 State KY .

Underrated game of the night is in northern Kentucky as Ayden Hamilton and Campbell County play  Brant Smithers Brant Smithers 6'1" | CG Walton-Verona | 2022 State KY  and Walton-Verona.



A good guard matchup happens in Winchester as  Sam Parrish Sam Parrish 6'0" | PG Tates Creek | 2023 State KY and Tates Creek take on  Aden Slone Aden Slone 5'9" | PG George Rogers Clark | 2022 State KY and George Rogers Clark.

One of the best rivalries in the mountains fires back up as  Isaiah May Isaiah May 6'3" | SF Johnson Central | 2021 State KY and Johnson Central play  Colby Fugate Colby Fugate 6'3" | SF Paintsville | 2022 State KY  and Paintsville.

Sam Vinson Sam Vinson 6'3" | CG Highlands | 2021 State KY  and Highlands travel to Oldham County to play  Tyler Slone Tyler Slone 6'5" | SF Oldham County | 2021 State KY  and the Colonels.

Another big rivalry on tap as  Mekhi Smith Mekhi Smith 5'10" | PG Saint Xavier | 2022 State KY  and St. X face off against  Miles Franklin Miles Franklin 6'2" | PG Trinity | 2022 State KY  and Trinity.



Cooper travels to Conner in the 9th region and renew their rivalry.  Jacob Deere Jacob Deere 6'6" | PF Cooper | 2021 State KY  and Riley Osterbur are the two to watch in that one.

Bullitt East and South Oldham meet up in what should be a high scoring game.  Tucker Blanford Tucker Blanford 6'6" | PF Bullitt East | 2022 State KY and Ben Michel Ben Michel 6'6" | PF South Oldham | 2022 State KY are two underrated Juniors to watch.



Boyle County hosts Henry Clay.  Luke Imfeld Luke Imfeld 6'1" | SG Boyle County | 2022 State KY and  Kanye Henderson Kanye Henderson 6'2" | SG Henry Clay | 2022 State KY should be a good matchup and  Aziel Blackwell Aziel Blackwell 6'0" | PG Henry Clay | 2021 State KY  is having a great Senior season.

Two of the best shooters in Kentucky go head to head as  Javaughn Smith Javaughn Smith 6'1" | SG Bardstown | 2021 State KY  and Bardstown play  George Washington George Washington 6'0" | PG St. Michael's | 2020 KY  and CAL.

5th region battle in Hodgenville when  Jeremiah Belton Jeremiah Belton 5'10" | PG LaRue County | 2021 State KY  and LaRue County host  Anthony Bowen Anthony Bowen 6'4" | SG John Hardin | 2021 State KY  and John Hardin.

Two of Western Kentucky’s top Senior point guards battle as  KJ Crump KJ Crump 5'8" | PG University Heights | 2021 State KY  and UHA play  Nash Divine Nash Divine 6'0" | PG Muhlenberg County | 2021 State KY  and Muhlenberg County.



Trent Noah Trent Noah 6'6" | CG Harlan County | 2024 State KY  and Harlan County take on Jordal Akal and Harlan Independent in a fun 13th region rivalry.

Really good matchup of Class A schools as  Scotty Draud Scotty Draud 6'6" | SF Beechwood | 2021 State KY  and Beechwood travel to Lexington Christian to play Tanner Walton Tanner Walton 6'3" | CG Lexington Christian | 2022 State KY and the Eagles.

Rivalry game in Goshen as  Dallas Roberts Dallas Roberts 6'1" | PG North Oldham | 2023 State KY and Ian Higdon Ian Higdon 6'5" | PF North Oldham | 2023 State KY  play  Xander Wagner-Rose Xander Wagner-Rose 6'7" | PF Oldham County | 2021 State KY and Deaton Oak Deaton Oak 6'3" | SG Oldham County | 2021 State KY  and Oldham County.

Another good one in the 8th region as  Kenyon Goodin Kenyon Goodin 6'3" | CG Collins | 2023 State KY  and Collins travel to Woodford County to play  Hunter Penn Hunter Penn 6'5" | PF Woodford County | 2021 State KY and the Jackets.



Pikeville faces Madison Central in what should be a good one.  Jaylen Davis Jaylen Davis 6'5" | SF Madison Central | 2023 State KY and Rylee Samons Rylee Samons 6'7" | SF Pikeville | 2022 State KY  has potential to be a fun wing matchup.

Alijah Watts Alijah Watts 6'2" | SG Hopkinsville | 2021 State KY  and Hopkinsville travel to the 3rd region to play Jack Payne and the Daviess County Panthers.

Possibly the two best teams in the 10th region face off when Robertson County goes to Winchester to play  Jerone Morton Jerone Morton 6'3" | CG George Rogers Clark | 2022 State KY  and GRC.

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