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Today the focus is on speedy guards..  All players were scouted during the first full week of January.


Gioppino Basketball clip artReed KempReedKemp6'0" | PGFranklin | 2021StateTN (Franklin)

Elite high school speed.  What makes Reed even more dangerous than the typical speedy guard is his decision-making.  Many of Kemp’s dashes around the deck conclude with a sharp, probing pass.  The program is deeper than Reed KempReedKemp6'0" | PGFranklin | 2021StateTN, but he is the face and star of the Franklin program right now.  Kemp’s signing with Missouri Western (D2) assures  the Griffons of hosting a lovely Franklin High backcourt reunion of Kemp and Reese Glover.

Gioppino Basketball clip artGriffin Burke (Brentwood)

Not everybody can spin a defense around with his dribble.  Griffin can.  He scoots through the court like a mouse heading for your kitchen.  Burke’s legs drive him all over the floor and into the nightmares of defenders.  

Gioppino Basketball clip artTre Hunter (Summit)

Though Tre is hardly a traditional point guard, in fact his team lists him as a shooting guard, he is indeed fast with the ball in his hands.  Tre can punish a defense for jogging back lethargically.  His speed is usually used from free throw line to free throw line.  In the halfcourt he is impeded by more crowding obviously.  It would be nice to more plays that utilize his gift.

Gioppino Basketball clip artAndrew Lamuno (Ravenwood)

Facing the elite teams in D 11AAA, Ravenwood must play with their unmatched balance.  While Andrew is not the gaudy scorer of Reed KempReedKemp6'0" | PGFranklin | 2021StateTN or the strong, sizable guard of John WindleyJohnWindley6'4" | PGBrentwood | 2021StateTN, he is fast and dynamic.  Andrew uses his slight frame and plus footspeed to keep the defender retreating.  Andrew makes relatively solid choices when he gets into the danger spots.  As a team, Ravenwood is exceptional at making the extra pass.  Andrew is one of the players that thrives with this style.

Gioppino Basketball clip artKonata Werts (Summit)

Konata is a player PrepHoopsTN was on early, as early as 8th grade when he was dressing for then-Darius Garland’s Brentwood Academy team.  Werts showed a ton of promise.  Then, frankly, he appeared to commit more of his time and focus to football.  Konata is a very good football player, receiving an offer from Bethel just last month.  Still, Konata is back in a big way for Summit’s basketball program.  Of all the players on this list, Konata might be the fastest.  His sharp, choppy steps are electric.  Konata is a wonderful player in the tight spaces of traps and when Independence trapped Konata the senior guard punished them plenty.

Friday Night in 11AAA


Partial 11AAA Rosters


#0 Treyvon Barberry (2022)
#1 Patrick GarrettPatrickGarrett6'1" | PGCentennial | 2021StateTN* (2021)
#3 Malachi Pointer (2021)
#15 Luke Westmoreland* (2021)
#23 Matthew Busing (2021)

#1 Taylor Spierto* (2021)
#4 Reed KempReedKemp6'0" | PGFranklin | 2021StateTN* (2021)
#5 Aidan SmylieAidanSmylie6'2" | CGFranklin | 2020StateTN* (2021)
#10 Connor BeavonConnorBeavon6'3" | SGFranklin | 2021StateTN* (2021)
#32 Matt Thurman* (2022)
#24 Brevin KlymBrevinKlym6'0" | PGFranklin | 2022StateTN (2022)
#35 Mason Jones (2022)

#10 John WindleyJohnWindley6'4" | PGBrentwood | 2021StateTN* (2021)
#12 Griffin Burke* (2021)
#24 Macen Redner* (2021)
#30 Jack MedalieJackMedalie6'4" | SGBrentwood | 2023StateTN (2023)
#32 Joseph Hohn* (2021)
#44 Dustin Bluhm* (2021)
#14 Carter Patton (2022)

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