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Today the focus is on committed, relentless rebounders.  All players were scouted during the first full week of January.


Gioppino Basketball clip artMatt Thurman (Franklin)

Solid, two-footed leaper.  Matt was playing a key role as a sophomore for Franklin.  He finds himself a senior leader on, again, a great Franklin Rebel team.  Thurman plays Robin to Reed Kemp Reed Kemp 6'0" | PG Franklin | 2021 State TN ’s Batman.  Together the pair has won many games.  Kemp’s success does not occur in a vacuum and Thurman truly gives Kemp extra chances with wonderful rebounding.  Thurman is quite a bit better rebounding on the defensive end though.  He doesn’t track rebounds outside area at an elite level, though he does curtail the opposition’s possessions with his high two-handed hauls.

Gioppino Basketball clip art Kley McGowan Kley McGowan 6'4" | SG Cleveland | 2021 State TN (Cleveland)

Senior scorer Kley McGowan Kley McGowan 6'4" | SG Cleveland | 2021 State TN gifts his team with wonderful effort on both ends.  Kley’s leaping ability makes him a potential rebound leader every night.  Couple that with his tenacity and senior investment and you have one of the best rebounding guards in the whole state.  McGowan really, really fights for all balls coming off the offensive rim.  Cleveland shooting plenty of 3’s and Kley tends to challenge most effectively on those long misses.  He gets his chest and shoulders into players to secure a decent rebounding spot as the ball hits.

Gioppino Basketball clip artJR Hatfield (Rossview)

The natural and refined, through lifting and training, of Hatfield is tremendous.  Facing Beech, Hatfield worked the glass.  His power is only part of the equation.  Hatfield, the younger brother of Brandon-Huntley-Hatfield, can jump and can use his quicks to get around a roadblock.  There is a lot to like about his game, as he even hit a three-pointer from the top of the key in the second quarter.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

Connor Beavon Connor Beavon 6'3" | SG Franklin | 2021 State TN (Franklin)

The entire team. save Matthew Thurman Matthew Thurman 6'7" | PF Franklin | 2021 State TN , is quick and sharp with their feet.  Thurman is more sharp in and around the basket.  Beavon is especially active around loose balls and offensive rebounds.  He keeps hope alive after the rare missed shots.  Franklin is a team that thrives on pace and pressure.  His inclusion is vital though he is relatively unknown outside of his own locker room.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

Matthew Joiner (Centennial)

A brute of a man, Matthew rebounds exceptionally in his area.  Actually, considering his heft and power Joiner is a remarkable rebounder outside of his area.  He tracks down long rebounds better than most frontcourt players.  Joiner played very, very well against Franklin January 8th, 2021.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

Noah Clifford (Ravenwood)

Like Joiner, Clifford does not possess the freakish verticality. Clifford has much better footwork than Joiner.  Clifford is steady on the defensive glass and secures all rebounds with both hands.  Tough to slap it free from his bear paws.


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