Photo: Don Marsh (NEBC)

Posted On: 01/14/21 7:00 AM

Kenmore West 2022 Ryan Kelly is a 6’7” combo forward from Buffalo, New York to watch heading into the spring.  Kelly is a prospect with his stock on the rise.  Projectable forward that can really shoot the ball from the perimeter with excellent size for position.  Prep Hoops caught up with Kelly in this Q&A!

Talk about your summer last year with NEBC as an individual and your team?

“It went very well both for the team and myself.  It was a lot of great games playing against top competition and helped the team and myself grow in many ways.”

What are you most looking forward to playing with NEBC on the Prep Hoops Circuit this upcoming spring?

“I’m looking forward to continuing playing and getting better together as many of us improved a lot by just playing against the top competition.”

In your opinion what are your strengths as a player at this stage of your development?

“My biggest strength is shooting and I use my size to get to where I want on the court.  On defense I play more perimeter defense which makes me more versatile as I can guard the 1-5.  I work without too many dribbles and make the right play whether it’s a kick to the corner, a swing up top, or down low to an open post.  Every day I work really hard on my game and understanding the game more and more.”

What has it been like not having a high school season to date and how are you working on your game?

“The season tryouts are supposed to start January 18th, but nobody is sure if we’ll have a season or not.  I’ve actually only played one high school season last year, but it ended short for me with an ankle injury so it’s pretty normal to me to be working out during the winter.  Every day I have a workout at 5 AM.  For a long time over the summer I would meet up with coach Don at a park at sunrise and we would workout then due to covid.  During the day I’ll have home workouts designed by Coach Don Marsh and have been working a lot on my explosiveness and athleticism.  I’ve also had diet changes as well to increase my athletic performance and be ready for the next level.”

Where does your recruiting sit heading into the spring?

“I have been in contact with Lehigh, Davidson, and New Mexico.  Next year I will be going to prep school.  I’ll know where by February.  Coach Don and my dad are still deciding.”

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