Posted On: 01/18/21 4:13 PM

Monday day McCallie hosted district opponent Boyd-Buchanan.  Eric RiversEricRivers6'1" | PGMcCallie | 2021StateTN surpassed 1,000 career points.  These players deserve extra attention.

McCallie (55) vs. Boyd Buchanan (37)

Partial Rosters w/ starters*

#0 Spencer TurnerSpencerTurner6'2" | SGMcCallie | 2021TN (2021)
#1 Eric RiversEricRivers6'1" | PGMcCallie | 2021StateTN* (2021)
#3 Wilson Rankin* (2022)
#4 Kollin Claridy (2023) @kcllinn
#44 David CraigDavidCraig7'1" | CMcCallie | 2022StateTN* (2022)

Boyd-Buchanan Roster
#1 Caden Johnson* (2023)
#11 Ryan Lopez* (2023)
#12 Ace Bailey* (2024)
#20 Karson Gay* (2022)
#35 Jacob Shockley* (2023)


David CraigDavidCraig7'1" | CMcCallie | 2022StateTN* (McCallie) – Foreign-born David CraigDavidCraig7'1" | CMcCallie | 2022StateTN is a legit 7-footer.  Craig grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and arrived at McCallie with the intentions of enjoying an elite academic and athletic institution.  He keeps his body in wonderful shape and yet there are restrictions to his game.  Craig is coming along as a basketball player, but he is not freakish athletic like a James Wiseman or any of those stars in the NBA.  Craig is a classic big with nice strength and keen court awareness.  He can run the floor, but Craig is not going to beat the transition in either direction.  Rim-runner is a realistic goal for Craig.  He is not there yet and most of the 6-foot-2 basketball players in his high school district are considerably faster.  Always important is to acknowledge that bigs are significantly slower to develop than guards, with their physical maturation so obviously elongated.  Craig is a high-academic prospect.

Kollin Claridy (McCallie) – Underclassmen are always fun to watch.  This was the evaluation of Kollin.  The length and agility he displayed as a sophomore wing shows he will be a college prospect someday.  Claridy earned meaningful minutes for a strong team, so he is used to competing and striving.  That attitude will help him develop.  Keep an eye on him.

Ace Bailey* (Boyd-Buchanan) – Prediction: Ace Bailey will leave the state for his senior season.  A program like I.M.G., Oak Hill, Findlay Prep, etc. will desperately come calling for the remarkably athletic wing scorer and he will make the same decision approximately 35% of our top 10 players make each senior summer.  

Jacob Shockley (Body-Buchanan) – Surprisingly nimble dual-sport athlete.  Shockley plays with the fearless bravery of a football player.  He rebounds better than his peers and can put 1-2 dribbles on the deck effectively. Shockley projects as a undersized big, especially with his football frame.

Eric RiversEricRivers6'1" | PGMcCallie | 2021StateTN (McCallie) – Considerably improved as an outside shooter.  Rivers will always ben quicker than the defender, even at the college level.  His weakness used to be shooting range, but he appears to be slightly above average as an outside shooter while still strong finishing in traffic.  As Rivers ascends the basketball ladder he will find himself struggling to finish among the trees somewhat.  This happens for all shorter guards.  Still, he is very acrobatic and keenly aware of his surroundings.

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