Posted On: 01/25/21 11:43 AM

Jan 7th and Jan 13th I attended the Grind Session at the Phhacility. 

I viewed 6 of the AZ teams in their “Bubble”. 

AZ Compass Prep

Bella Vista Prep

Dream City Christian 

Eduprize Prep 

Phhoenix Prep

Phhoenix Prep Heat


Here were some of the unsigned standouts on the two days:

Glenn Taylor Glenn Taylor 6'5" | SF AZ Compass Prep | 2021 State #162 Nation AZ AZ Compass Prep

-Not many attack the basket better then Taylor in the Grind Session. He has elite body control in the lane and a tight handle. He grabs out of area rebounds, collects steals and makes plays happen with a big motor.   

Javon Small Javon Small 6'2" | PG AZ Compass Prep | 2021 State AZ AZ Compass Prep

-One of my favorite unsigned PG’s available. He is strong, fast and skilled. He makes next level passes and can score it from all 3 levels. He throws it down easily on the break and can hit from mid to the 3. He is also tough on the ball defensively. 

Isaac Spears Isaac Spears 6'3" | CG Bella Vista Prep | 2021 State AZ Bella Vista Prep 

-An athletic combo guard can get hot in a blink of an eye. He is also is a way better passer hen he gets credited with. He has deep range and can pull-up with confidence. He can throw the lob pass impressively plus receive it and play way above the rim. 

Rickey Bradley Rickey Bradley 6'1" | PG Phhoenix Prep | 2022 State AZ Eduprize  

-A tough and physical guard who has a lot to offer. He can score it from all 3 levels while posting you up, hitting from mid-range and the catch-3. He also is a smart passer as true combo guard. He can drive and kick and plays the whole game with a lot of energy. 

Trey Pettigrew Trey Pettigrew 6'2" | PG Eduprize | 2022 AZ Eduprize 

-A natural scorer from all 3 levels. He has nice body control and a polished floater game. he can hit the catch-3 plus slither into the lane with euro steps and is quick on the ball defensively. He is another who can make plays for his teammates. 

Will Coates Will Coates 6'8" | PF Phhoenix Prep | 2022 State AZ Phhoenix Prep Heat

-A face-up 4-man has a strap. He can rattle them off quickly. He has a high arcing shot with a fast trigger. Defensively he is making huge strides as a rim protector. He tracks the ball well and rebounds in his area at a good clip.  

Xavier Ali Xavier Ali 6'8" | PF Sandra Day O’Connor | 2022 State AZ Phhoenix Prep Heat

-A long face-up 4-man has good length. He is a newcomer for me and he caught my eye immediately. He is a little thin but it seems he is sprouted up quickly and needs to fill in his body. He rebounds and blocks shots in his area. He could be nice long term player. 

Sidney Wooten Sidney Wooten 6'0" | PG Phhoenix Prep | 2022 State AZ Phhoenix Prep Heat

-A shifty ball handler looks to make plays for his teammates. He has deep 3pt range and speed to get into the lane. Once he is in the paint, he looks to pass it or use the floater. He is also is very quick on the ball defensively.  

Cameron Harris Cameron Harris 6'4" | SG Bull City Prep | 2022 NC Bella Vista Prep

-A strong-framed wing takes it hard to the basket. He is one of the stronger wings on the Grind Session and uses it and his girth to rebound and get downhill. 

Shaedon Sharpe Shaedon Sharpe 6'4" | SG Dream City Christian | 2022 #1 Nation AZ Dream City Christian 

-An athletic guard seems to hang in the air for a minute. His best move is currently the pull-up from mid-range but he makes 3’s and drives in the lane with his supreme athleticism. He can absorb contact and uses his length, bounce, elite body control and skill to score in traffic.