Posted On: 01/14/21 9:19 AM

After a year of playing experience, a couple of players from the class of 2023 have begun to emerge as they separate themselves with their high level of play and skill. This season, we are beginning to see some of these players solidify their spots in the rotation and the rankings are beginning to reflect their growing skills and abilities. Though there were not many staggering jumps in the 2023 list, a few players did improve their standings and it is easy to see that there is a lot of talent in the class of 2023. Continue reading for a look at a few players that were able to improve their spot in the rankings for the first ranking of 2021.

#3: AJ LaBeauAJLaBeau6'7" | CTimberline | 2023StateID, Timberline: Cracking the top 3 for the first time, AJ LaBeauAJLaBeau6'7" | CTimberline | 2023StateID was able to work his way up, even without having played a regulation game yet in the 2020-21 season. During last season and the offseason, AJ was able to show his post skills and guard skills, and he has always been a defensively skilled player with long arms and great timing. AJ will look to make up for lost time this season during conference play.

#18: Floyd NelsonFloydNelson6'0" | SGMullan | 2023StateID, Mullan: Floyd was able to work his way into the top 20 this season as his role with the team is beginning to expand and he is given more opportunities. Floyd has already proven himself to be a knock down shooter from outside and his accuracy will only continue to improve in the next handful of seasons. Watch for Nelson to make a big impact in the upcoming years for Mullan.