Posted On: 12/21/20 7:21 PM

Webb-Bell Buckle and Fairview clashed Monday.  The Feet stomped on the young, growing Fairview Yellowjackets, 70-53.  Fairview does not have a senior on their roster.  Webb’s top player is the great Evan EursherEvanEursher6'2" | PGLighthouse Christian | 2022StateTN, while FHS is consistently lead by Kennedy Pendergrass.  Each star scores in a variety of ways.  Read about these two and many of their teammates below.

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Partial Squads with *Starters

#0 2022 Carter Durham* (Fairview):
#2 2022 Jackson Arnold* (Fairview):
#23 2022 Kennedy Pendergrass* (Fairview): KP is surrounded by a very, very young and inexperienced team.  This places an enormous burden upon him to score, lead, and facilitate.  It will be a painful year statistically for Kennedy’s team.  Still, they have some nice pieces and Kennedy is certainly the most polished currently.  The court vision of Kennedy is wonderful.  Despite his scoring prowess, and the need for him to score, Pendergrass makes probing passes constantly.  He moves exceptionally without the basketball, which enables him to get higher percentage shots at the tail end of possessions. Kennedy is a player that projects as small college off-guard.  Plus shooting touch.  Plus plus basketball awareness.  Fierce competitor.  The small details are important to Kennedy and when he or his teammates err it visibly pains him.  
#32 2024 Mays McCoy* (Fairview): Obviously young.  A touch timid, but not any more than most freshman hoopers.  The game is faster than him currently, but McCoy will catch up eventually.  His skills are redeemable and the size is important.  McCoy is enduring the pain of inexperience in an often unforgiving world of varsity basketball.  Many players, advanced at their age, played up and suffered these same growth moments.  McCoy looks like a strong player early in his career. 
#34 2022 Shammah-rapha Takop* (Fairview): Serves FHS as a lane liason.  Takop is a serviceable rebounder.  He will not be requested to score or create his own.

Partial Squads with *Starters

#1 2022 Weston Coop* (Webb-Bell Buckle)
#3 2022 Evan EursherEvanEursher6'2" | PGLighthouse Christian | 2022StateTN* (Webb-Bell Buckle)
#10 2023 Khi HarrisKhiHarris6'1" | SGWebb-Bell Buckle | 2022StateTN* (Webb-Bell Buckle)
#13 2021 Jordan JenkinsJordanJenkins6'2" | SGWebb School-Bell Buckle | 2021StateTN* (Webb-Bell Buckle)
#20 2024 Taveon Comage* (Webb-Bell Buckle)
#2 Deion Subaran (Webb-Bell Buckle)
#4 2021 Shawn McKenzie (Webb-Bell Buckle)

#1 2022 Weston Coop* (Webb-Bell Buckle):  Comfortable i his role as a catch-and-shoot guy.  Coop finds the corners and waits.  He does not over-dribble.  He does not take challenged shots.  He defends with vigor.  Coop is clearly an adherent to the coach’s system.  With the other guards on his team, Coop is not forced into many tight spots while dribbling.  To understand his long-term potential, this is the area most in question.  ’Can he handle a press?  Can he break down a defender via the dribble?’  What he is currently is a player who secures the ball at all times and makes safe decisions consistently. A consummate team player.
#3 2022 Evan EursherEvanEursher6'2" | PGLighthouse Christian | 2022StateTN* (Webb-Bell Buckle): Evan’s ceiling is absurd.  Ohio Valley Conference is the floor.  He reminds me of Cashmere Wright (Cincinnati alum) in that he is probably a point guard.  Still, his scoring ability is tremendous.  Eursher gets to the free throw line constantly.  Eursher earns his way to the free throw line by putting defenders into vulnerable situations.  Then, EE makes his free throws.  His offensive game was essentially complete two years ago, in terms of ability to accomplish the basic fundamental of each scoring skill. 
#10 2023 Khi HarrisKhiHarris6'1" | SGWebb-Bell Buckle | 2022StateTN* (Webb-Bell Buckle): Added good weight in the last 6 months. Khi has always had a soft shooting touch.  By necessity Khi was playing power forward alongisde Keon JohnsonKeonJohnson6'5" | SGThe Webb School | 2020State#21NationTN and J.J. Platt.  That is still kind of his duty because Khi is capable of blocking out the bigger players.  At some point Khi is going to need to show he can thrive away from the basket.  It is not impossible to imagine and yet he just doesn’t get many opportunities to showcase it publically. 
#13 2021 Jordan JenkinsJordanJenkins6'2" | SGWebb School-Bell Buckle | 2021StateTN* (Webb-Bell Buckle):
#20 2024 Taveon Comage* (Webb-Bell Buckle): Natural scorer, Taveon needs to add weight and toughness around the rim.  But…he is a freshman starting varsity, so these are unsurprising shortcomings.  Right now Comage is approximately a year more advanced than his fellow 2024’s. 
#4 2021 Shawn McKenzie (Webb-Bell Buckle)