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Posted On: 12/30/20 1:51 PM

It’s finally here! A few weeks ago, we launched an updated version of our class of 2021 rankings, and now after a lot of anticipation and work we have updated our 2022 rankings.

We will spend the next week or so giving you in depth breakdowns of our rankings, ranging from new faces, positional rankings and many more. For now, take a look at our free overview and stay tuned for more content rolling out this week.

You can see the entire 2022 class rankings here.

Changes in the Top 10

There were quite a few changes in the top 10 as expected, as we’ve not only had some shake ups but some new names added. Oak Hill Academy brought in two nationally ranked juniors that are leading their teams and come in at the top with 6’6” MJ RiceMJRice6'6" | SFOak Hill Academy | 2022StateVA coming in at #1 and 6’8” Jalen ReedJalenReed6'8" | PFOak Hill Academy | 2022StateVA coming in at #2. Nationally ranked Justin TaylorJustinTaylor6'6" | SFSt. Anne's Belfield | 2022State#180NationVA moves up from 6 to #3 after a year of development. What’s insane about this class is the number of players that are nationally ranked in the class. The top 9 prospects can be seen in the national rankings in at least one of the major four rankings, and there are a few that are on the border as well.

Regional Differences

It’s fun to look at how the different regions produce different type of players, and this 2022 class is one that seems very different than the others.

Take for instance the Hampton Roads or the “757” region. While they have athletes and players at all positions, they’re especially heavy in the guards up top as they have 5 guards in the top 25 overall rankings.

Meanwhile, in the Richmond or the “804” area, there are a lot of wings and hybrid forwards with 5 of those in the top 25 overall prospects. The same can be said about the western part of the state which has 5 total prospects in the top 10, all of them being versatile wings and bigs with good size.

The Northern VA area is probably the most balanced in the rankings, with a host of players at multiple positions and sizes throughout the top 30.

Tons of New Names

As with most of our rankings, we like to expand them each year as we see more and more players. For the Class of 2022 rankings, we had originally ranked 60 prospects when they were heading into their sophomore campaign, and have now expanded that list to 125 prospects. We will do in depth break downs of all of the new players added to the rankings throughout the next week.

Positional Breakdown

PG: 25

CG: 20

SG: 19

SF: 21

PF: 31

C: 10

Top 10

1) MJ RiceMJRice6'6" | SFOak Hill Academy | 2022StateVA 6’6″ SF Oak Hill Academy  
2) Jalen ReedJalenReed6'8" | PFOak Hill Academy | 2022StateVA 6’8″ PF Oak Hill Academy  
3) Justin TaylorJustinTaylor6'6" | SFSt. Anne's Belfield | 2022State#180NationVA 6’6″ SF St. Anne’s Belfield  
4) Jayden EppsJaydenEpps6'0" | PGKings Fork | 2022State#79NationVA 6’1″ PG King’s Fork  
5) Maliq BrownMaliqBrown6'8" | PFBlue Ridge | 2022State#120NationVA 6’8″ PF Blue Ridge  
6) DJ Hand 6’4″ SG Landstown  
7) Tyler NickelTylerNickel6'6" | SFEast Rockingham | 2022State#133NationVA 6’7″ WF East Rockingham  
8) Knasir McDanielKnasirMcDaniel5'9" | PGPaul VI | 2022State#156NationVA 5’9″ PG Paul VI  
9) Alphonzo BillupsAlphonzoBillups6'7" | SFVarina | 2022State#195NationVA 6’6″ SF Varina  
10) Efrem JohnsonEfremJohnson6'4" | CGWestern Branch | 2022StateVA 6’4″ CG Western Branch