Posted On: 12/5/20 8:24 AM

Hopefully, despite the pandemic, high school season will soon be tipping off. In anticipation, let’s look at some of the top senior rim protectors this season.

Malachi Black Malachi Black 6'7" | PF Detroit University Prep Art & Design | 2021 State MI (PF, Detroit University Prep Art & Design)

Black has turned into a multifaceted star, but don’t forget about his post D. He’s an athletic and vertical defender that sends shots back to where they came from.

Trey Bolling Trey Bolling 6'7" | C East Grand Rapids | 2021 State MI (C, East Grand Rapids)

Bolling is one of the  most all around improved bigs in the state. This definitely includes his defensive prowess. Opponents will have to work around him this season.

Nate Claerbaut Nate Claerbaut 6'10" | C Zeeland East | 2021 State MI (C, Zeeland East)

Claerbaut isn’t the thickest post in the state, but those long arms are a pain for finishers. It’s virtually impossible to finish over top of Claerbaut.

Dinali DeLoach Dinali DeLoach 6'6" | PF Ann Arbor Skyline | 2021 State MI (PF, Ann Arbor Skyline)

When you watch DeLoach play, you may get caught up in the rim running finishes at the offensive end. But really watch. He runs the floor on D too, getting back and using his athleticism to alter shots.

Rory Montreuil Rory Montreuil 6'7" | PF Utica | 2021 State MI (PF, Utica)

Montreuil will be incredibly valuable on the defensive end this season. He’s not afraid to body his opponents and play physical down low.

Harrison Ogochukwu Harrison Ogochukwu 6'8" | PF Orchard Lake St. Mary's | 2021 State MI (PF, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s)

Ogochukwu is one of the top pure athletes in the senior class, and it shows on D. He sneaks up on shooters and makes them regret their shot selection.

Kingsley Perkins Kingsley Perkins 6'7" | PF Ann Arbor Huron | 2021 State MI (PF, Ann Arbor Huron)

Perkins is the primary post defender on what many consider a favorite to win a state title this season. His D in the lane has had a lot to do with Huron’s success over the last couple years.

Lowyind Pullen Lowyind Pullen 6'5" | C Homer | 2021 State MI (C, Homer)

Pullen is a little different than most on the list. He’s the shortest on the list and doesn’t guard above the rim. But he gets the job done, and that’s what counts. His toughness and grit carry him farther than most in the state.

Javantae Randle Javantae Randle 6'9" | PF Detroit Frederick Douglass | 2021 State MI (PF, Detroit Frederick Douglass)

Randle might be the best post defender in Michigan this season. He walls up on defense and makes it incredibly difficult to get a good look at the rim. When playing against Randle, you better have shooters and you better have passers that can kick it out, because shots near the rim will be few and far between.

Austin Treece Austin Treece 6'7" | PF Tri-Unity Christian | 2021 State MI (PF, Tri-Unity Christian)

Treece became a really hot name this fall, and deservedly so. He’s grown his game and become at top notch big in the senior class. His interior defense has been a big part of that growth.

Blake Woodward Blake Woodward 6'9" | C Romeo | 2021 State MI (C, Romeo)

Woodward is a flat out beast on the defensive end. He does a good job of keeping opponents grounded and not letting them play above the rim. He’s strong and physical, using those things to control the paint.