Posted On: 12/9/20 6:00 AM

With no high school season in Illinois in the near future we thought now would be a great time to dive into our film room checking out highlights players have sent us and break down what we saw.  Most of these are from the summer travel team season and fall camps.  Here is our Film Room: 2023 Prospects!


Donovan Collins (Bolingbrook)

Collins is a slick 6’0” point guard that in the video was mostly featured as a shooter.  Hit shots off the bounce, but was most effective off the catch using quality shot prep and an extremely quick release.


Kevin Anthony (Von Steuben)

First look at Anthony and there are some intriguing tools we saw in this grainy video.  At 6’7” he has long and thin frame.  Proved to be a shot blocking presence defensively, flashed some handles, and even hit a couple threes with a slow release.  Needs some refinement, but has tools to work with.


Owen FreemanOwenFreeman6'7" | CBradley Bourbonnais | 2023StateIL (Bradley Bourbonnais)

Freeman is emerging as one of the top 2023 post prospects in the state.  The 6’9” post is an extremely athletic big man that can push off a rebound in the open floor with solid handles, brings playmaking, passing, and athletic pop at the rim.


Grant WelchGrantWelch6'1" | PGMoline | 2023StateIL (Moline)

Welch is a 6’3” point guard that has excellent passing feel.  Showed good passing instincts in both the half court and transition.  Clean looking three point stroke and has some creativity off the bounce getting in the lane for layups.


Dylan Schmidt (Johnsburg)

Schmidt is a 6’2” two guard that has a clean looking shooting stroke.  Moves well off of the ball.  Puts it on the deck with strong right handed drives including off shot fakes.


Christian Lopez (Leyden)

The Leyden 5’10” point guard is a good shooter most effective when off the catch.  Moves well without the ball both to the hoop on cuts or getting open for jumpers.  As a passer does a nice job hitting guys moving as well.


Macaleab RichMacaleabRich6'4" | SFEast St. Louis | 2023StateIL (East St. Louis)

This was a short video from the summer/fall, but it is clear that Rich is a freak athlete with a powerful frame.  That screams out on the video with the way he throws down jams in transition, crashes the glass, and had a LeBron come from behind swat.  If the 6’5” forward can continue to develop his ball handling he could be scary good down the line.