Posted On: 12/14/20 11:18 AM

The Bash had no shortage of talent in the gym this weekend at Columbia International University. Lets take a look at some of the 2022 Palmetto State you might want to keep a eye on down the road. 

Josh Sapp Josh Sapp 6'4" | SG Greenville | 2022 State SC

Josh Sapp Josh Sapp 6'4" | SG Greenville | 2022 State SC – Greenville HS 

Sapp is built like a TANK on the hardwood floor. Sapp a football player for the Red Raiders is very versatile on the floor with his play. Sapp has the ability to overpower players going to the rack. Sapp has good body body control and finishes well on contact. Sapp scored 15 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in a win over Spartanburg Christian Academy. 

Prometheus Franklin Prometheus Franklin 6'3" | SF Greenville | 2022 State SC – Greenville HS (pictured on front) 

Franklin a Quarterback for the Red Raiders on the football field at times brings that over to the basketball court. Franklin is a big size guard with good range on his shot. Franklin scored 16 points and 7 rebounds in the win. Franklin rebounds the well out from his position. Franklin was active in the passing lanes and plays the game with a lot of heart and desire. 

Jamari Briggs Jamari Briggs 6'4" | CG Hartsville | 2023 State SC #0

Jamari Briggs Jamari Briggs 6'4" | CG Hartsville | 2023 State SC – Hartsville HS 

Briggs has really shown at times he’s a player for the Red Foxes. Briggs has a good frame to get the ball to the basket and finish on contact. Briggs is a bit of a streaky shooter does is best work attacking the cup or stalking the baseline. Briggs finished with 15 points in the win over Trinity Christian (NC). 

Zykee Knox Zykee Knox 6'0" | CG Hartsville | 2022 State SC – Hartsville HS 

Knox was a pleasant surprise for the Red Foxes. Knox was able to finish a few floaters in the lane and knockdown a three pointer. Knox a combo guard came off the bench and quite productive with his stat line. Knox scored 11 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in 19 minutes of work. Knox connected on 5-6 from the floor. 

Jazian Gortman Jazian Gortman 6'2" | PG Keenan | 2022 State #78 Nation SC – Keenan HS 

Gortman is just a one man band or wrecking crew at times. Gortman finished with 26 points and 12 rebounds in the Raiders season opener vs Winston Salem Christian. Gortman plays the game extremely aggressive and never takes a play off. Gortman is a SCORER and can finish with his left-hand at a high rate around the basket. Gortman is ranked the #2 player in the Palmetto State 2022 Class behind Julian Phillips Julian Phillips 6'8" | SF Blythewood | 2022 State #33 Nation SC

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