Posted On: 11/6/20 8:47 AM

On November 1st I attended Dinos Trigonis Pangos Premier-80 Showcase at AZ Compass Prep in Chandler, AZ.

Exactly 80 player were on hand from around the country including some very good AZ players. 


Here were some of the local underclassmen that shined:


Cody Williams Cody Williams 6'7" | SF Perry | 2023 State AZ Perry

-The long baby-faced guard smartly cuts to the basket for some easy scores and takes super long strides to get to the rim and scored with his left or right. He uses his long wingspan to block shots and rebound the ball. He can take the ball off the glass and push it up the court and can make a play for a teammate. 

Arman Madi Arman Madi 6'6" | SF Brophy Prep | 2023 State AZ Brophy Prep

-A super talented wing scorer can score it from all 3 levels with some flare. He has good body control in the lane to score through contact and is a deep shooter that can fall away off of his defender. He can play above the rim on the break and he is a good passer.  

Kevin Patton Jr Kevin Patton Jr 6'8" | SF AZ Compass Prep HS | 2023 State AZ AZ Compass Prep

-A long and quickly improving wing as he gets healthier. He can pull-up from mid-range and the 3 plus finish with his left or right hand in traffic. He uses long strides get near the rim and then finishes above rim impressively and rebounds at a good rate in his area plus blocks shots. 

Paul Oscislawski Paul Oscislawski 6'3" | SG Chaparral | 2023 State AZ Chaparral

-A strong framed wing is becoming a true sharp shooter. He has a very consistent stroke and gets a clean look every attempt. He has a quick trigger and is very confident. He rebounds well in his area as he boxes out well and he can also hit from mid-range. 



Jai Anthoni Bearden Jai Anthoni Bearden 6'6" | SF Kellis | 2024 State AZ Kellis

-A long bigger wing is a good defender in space. He runs the floor like a gazelle and blocks shots. He challenges everything inside and out. He closes out to shooters impressively and can rip through and score. He can make a catch-3 and he can score around length. 

Styles Phipps Styles Phipps 6'0" | PG St Mary's | 2024 State AZ St. Mary’s (Pictured)  

-One of the better pure PG’s at the event. He made play after play for everyone on his team and he did it in style. He has an uncanny ability to throw a teammate open like a QB would in football. He also can score from mid-range and the 3. He can fade away off the dribble and the ball is on a string for him. 

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