The OCC is one of many conferences that will be having a delayed start to the season in 2020-21 due to COVID-19

Posted On: 11/20/20 2:47 PM

OHSAA has announced that they will be starting the Boy’s Basketball season on time, which is Wednesday November 25th. After giving schools a survey, over 55% said they wanted to proceed as scheduled with the season.

Considering the large amount of athletic directors that advised to postpone the season, it is not surprising that many individual schools and conferences are opting to start the season a bit later than initially expected. The OCC is the biggest domino to fall, announcing that no conference games will be played until December 17th, however OCC teams are allowed to schedule out of conference games. Columbus City League and Columbus Catholic League have also postponed until mid December

Up in Northeast Ohio, the Lorain County League has postponed all games until December 7th. Individual schools in Cuyahoga County have also opted to postpone the season, including schools like Shaker Heights and Garfield Heights (who won’t be playing through January 4th 2021) among others have announced their plans to start the season late.

The Akron and Toledo Public Schools have also announced a postponement to the season. Toledo has not announced a restart date yet, while Akron hopes for a December 9th start to the season.

Because of so many of these cancellations, events like the All-Ohio Hoops Classic and Great Lakes Classic are both postponed for the time being. Both events are looking to reschedule for events later in the season. The Ohio Valley Hoops Classic scheduled for Mason, Ohio was cancelled with a return set for the 2021-22 season.

From what I’ve seen, it appears that SW Ohio has had the fewest cancellations among any area in the state. Trotwood-Madison is one school district that opted for a late start to the season in that area.

This season will be one that requires fans, players, coaches and media to be very adaptable to a landscape that changes by the day.

If any college coach wants information on the high school basketball season please feel free to DM me on twitter @mikerothou and if any high school players or coaches want to send updated schedules that would be much appreciated.