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Posted On: 10/9/20 8:00 AM

The Iowa Mavericks have been a mainstay on the Iowa grassroots scene for nearly a decade, routinely putting players in positions to keep playing basketball at the next level. Program director Tyler Cleveland spoke with us to provide a recap of how an interesting summer when for his kids.


Q: Who were the standout performers from each team?

Justin ReckerJustinRecker6'5" | PFMonticello | 2021StateIA

17U (Class of 2021)
Justin ReckerJustinRecker6'5" | PFMonticello | 2021StateIA (Monticello): “Justin is a kid that can just do it all. He’s explosive on the offensive end around the rim, can step out and hit shots, has range, and he’s a big-time rim protector on the defensive end.”

Kyle KelleyKyleKelley6'4" | SGWest Delaware | 2021StateIA (West Delaware): “Kyle is a floor general. He gets the most out of himself and his teammates every second he’s on the floor.”

Garrett BaumhoverGarrettBaumhover6'0" | PGWestern Dubuque | 2021StateIA (Western Dubuque): “Garrett has become a very versatile player for us over the last few years. He can hit shots from the outside while also being a great point guard and leader on the floor.”


16U (Class of 2022)
Ryan DolphinRyanDolphin5'8" | PGPleasant Valley | 2022StateIA (Pleasant Valley): “Dolph is a kid who you can count on to do anything you ask of him. Anyone that looks at his size and judges him off of that has something else coming. He can shoot with the best of them in the state, gets to the rim relentlessly, and has an edge defensively that is matched by few.”

Zach ErwinZachErwin6'4" | SFCamanche | 2022StateIA

Zach ErwinZachErwin6'4" | SFCamanche | 2022StateIA (Camanche): “Zach has the experience with his high school team and it shows on the floor. He’s a very smart player. His size is a huge advantage because he can do so much with it. He can play anywhere on the floor, including the point, which is a scary thing for opposing teams (with his size).”

Nick BryantNickBryant5'9" | PGWestern Dubuque | 2022StateIA (Western Dubuque): “Nick is a pure competitor. Every minute he’s on the floor, he’s making a difference for his team. Whether that’s on the defensive end or being aggressive and scoring in a variety of ways offensively.”


15U (Class of 2023)
Logan Augustine (Cedar Rapids Jefferson): “Logan has a chance to be a key contributor for the J-Hawks and for our program moving forward. He is lengthy, can shoot the ball and is a very smart player.”

Mason HarterMasonHarter6'5" | PFWapsie Valley | 2023StateIA (Wapsie Valley): “Mason is a versatile big man who can do many things with his style. He’s a force down low.”

Carter Newhouse (Cedar Rapids Kennedy): “Carter is a player who can make a big difference in the game. He has a great competitive edge and can do many things on the floor. He could be a key player for the Cougars going forward. His game reminds us of former Cougar Jackson Foley.”


14U (Class of 2024)
Holden Arnaman (West Branch): “Holden has made a huge jump from summer 2019 to this season. He has strengthened his game in many ways. He’s a floor general and is becoming a great leader. He is the definition of a point guard, getting his teammates involved, and being aggressive on the offensive end. He has a chance to make an immediate impact at the high school level.”


Q: What was it like playing through the COVID-19 pandemic?

“For us, it was a very unique situation in a few different ways. Having to prepare for each weekend was a challenge due to everything that was in question day-to-day. Our players and families did an incredible job getting things together and working through the adversity to make the tournaments happen. A huge shout out to Prep Hoops and their staff for setting up tournaments that were challenging, but also safe for everyone in attendance. Overall, we worked with what we had dealt to us and we could only control what we could control. We feel that it went better than expected.”


Q: Who were the top scorers from each age group?

17U: Justin ReckerJustinRecker6'5" | PFMonticello | 2021StateIA (Monticello), Kyle KelleyKyleKelley6'4" | SGWest Delaware | 2021StateIA (West Delaware), Garrett BaumhoverGarrettBaumhover6'0" | PGWestern Dubuque | 2021StateIA (Western Dubuque) and Ethan O’DonnellEthanO’Donnell6'4" | SFLiberty | 2021StateIA (Iowa City Liberty)

16U: Ryan DolphinRyanDolphin5'8" | PGPleasant Valley | 2022StateIA (Pleasant Valley), Zach ErwinZachErwin6'4" | SFCamanche | 2022StateIA (Camanche) and Carter Harmsen (Mid-Prairie). Cleveland on Harmsen: “He has great upside and potential to be a big-time player for us and Mid-Prairie. Can play inside and out, very strong and has a chance to have a big season.”


Q: Who are the guys from each age group that you can really trust to make the right play when it’s needed?


Luke LambertLukeLambert6'3" | PGMonticello | 2021StateIA

Luke LambertLukeLambert6'3" | PGMonticello | 2021StateIA (Monticello): “Luke is just a well rounded basketball player. He’s a coach’s son and his knowledge of the game is second-to-none.”

Mason WhiteMasonWhite6'0" | SGBeckman Catholic | 2021StateIA (Dyersville Beckman): “Mason is a very solid player who we could always count on. He brings it when he’s on the floor and can really change the game in the blink of an eye.”

Also: Baumhover, Recker, Kelley

Mike DelzellMikeDelzell6'0" | SFCamanche | 2022StateIA (Camanche): “Mikey is the younger brother of Caleb and has many similar traits, but also has a style of his own. He’s a lefty and is crafty all over the floor. He’s a guy we could trust to make the right choices.”

Drake WemarkDrakeWemark6'2" | SFNew Hampton | 2022StateIA (New Hampton): “Drake is another guy who will help his high school team, and a guy you can trust to make the right decisions. Very versatile and has many weapons.”

Also: Dolphin, Bryant


Q: What has the college recruitment process been like for your juniors and seniors during the pandemic?

“It has certainly been different. Not having coaches in attendance to watch in person was a big downfall. We’ve had to get creative and find ways to help our guys out. We have (and still are) putting together reports and video, and communicating with coaches on behalf of our guys. Recruitment is slower than normal but will pick up as this year moves on. Our seniors have a big chance this winter to show coaches what kind of players that are, so that is one of the positives that comes out of it.”


Q: Who are some guys you think are flying under the radar of not only us at Prep Hoops Iowa, but people around the state as a whole?

Jordan LawrenceJordanLawrence5'10" | PGCamanche | 2021StateIA

Jordan LawrenceJordanLawrence5'10" | PGCamanche | 2021StateIA (Camanche): “He’s had injury problems, but has fought back hard and is a key player for this year’s Camanche squad. He helped us and made that group whole. He’s a very athletic player, and has a huge skill set.”

Cole HrubesColeHrubes6'6" | SFKennedy | 2021StateIA (Cedar Rapids Kennedy): “Can shoot the ball very well and is very vocal during games. Leader. Big part of Kennedy’s team this year.”

Jack GehlingJackGehling6'4" | PFBeckman Catholic | 2021StateIA (Dyersville Beckman): “Just like his brothers,he’s a great all-around player. Very crafty and can do just about anything you ask of him.”


Joel Lawlor (Pleasant Valley): “Joel has the potential to be a big part of the PV team this year. He plays tough on both ends, can finish at the rim and is in passing lanes defensively. He helped us this year with his overall ability and range.”

Griffin GreinerGriffinGreiner6'1" | CGCardinal | 2022StateIA (Cardinal): “Griffin is very athletic and was a huge factor for us. He plays above the rim and is explosive on both ends of the floor.”

Noah MackNoahMack6'0" | SGAssumption | 2022StateIA (Assumption): “Great overall player and helped us in games this year with his wide range of abilities. He can score and play on the defensive end.”

Mario Clark (Davenport North): “Great athletic ability and can be a big factor in getting the job done in the paint. He’s very athletic and has a wide skill set. He’s very active on defense, which leads to his fast-break finishes on the other end.”