Bryce Journee (Joshua Cleary/Prep Hoops)

Posted On: 10/29/20 8:22 AM

Throughout the summer and early fall months, AAU was rampant in the Pittsburgh Area. The most consistent tournaments were organized by Basketball Stars of America owner and operator Daryn Freedman. While working with the Pennsylvania health department to follow COVID rules and regulations, BSA was still able to “pull off” an extremely competitive AAU season. By attending a variety of weekend tournaments, watching some highlight film, and most importantly talking with AAU coaches I have developed a list of student-athletes who portray the talents and abilities deserving of recognition. 


Ed Daniels – Penn Hills  (Senior, 5-10 Guard)

  • An extremely quick guard off the dribble who commands the floor with above-average court vision. A lock-down defender that creates offense from his defense. Ed plays with a high-motor throughout the entire game and leads by example. He will be an all-section player this season.
  • College Projected Options: Division 3, USCAA, JUCO

Angelo Reeves Angelo Reeves 6'7" | PF Vincentian Academy | 2021 State PA – First Love Academy  (Senior, 6-7 Forward)

  • A definite above the rim type of player who has the ability to dominate the post, while stepping out on the perimeter to knock down mid-range shots. Angelo is a relentless rebounder and team player, which his team relies on when the game is on the line. He will be an asset to his new school.
  • College Projected Options: Divison 2, Division 3, NAIA, USCAA, JUCO

Devin Burgess Devin Burgess 6'5" | PF North Hills | 2022 State PA – North Hills  (Junior, 6-4 Guard/Forward)

  • An athletic guard/forward that runs the floor on the break as a skilled finisher. A talented shot-blocker who can handle the ball on the wing, while showing the skill to drive to the basket. Devin has excellent footwork on defense as well. Look for him to get some votes for all-section this season.
  • College Projected Options: Division 3, NAIA, USCAA 

Ryan Lang Ryan Lang 6'2" | CG Knoch | 2022 State PA – Knoch  (Junior, 6-2 Guard)

  • A talented shooter from the perimeter, especially off the screen. An extremely high basketball IQ player who leads by example on and off the floor. Ryan is a skilled passer who seems to always make the right decisions.
  • College Projected Options: Division 3, USCAA

Will Kromka – Gateway  (Junior, 6-2 Guard)

  • An intelligent player who plays with an extreme amount of confidence. The true definition of a leaving it all on the floor style of athlete. Will works hard on the glass while pushing the ball up the floor on the break. 
  • College Projected Options: Division 3, USCAA, JUCO

Michael Wells Michael Wells 6'4" | CG New Castle | 2022 State PA – New Castle  (Junior, 6-4 Guard/Forward)

  • A tough kid that plays with the mentality of achieving his goals with each game. Not only can he step out on the perimeter, but the ability to get to the rim is definitely a strength. Michael is a tenacious rebounder who finishes on the offensive boards. His skilled passing ability and court awareness make him a complete player.
  • Colege Projected Options: Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, JUCO

Damon Astorino Damon Astorino 6'2" | CG Eden Christian Academy | 2023 State PA – Ambridge  (Sophomore, 6-2 Guard/Forward)

  • A talented all-around player that plays multiple positions on the floor. A coach on the court in terms of leadership with a high basketball IQ who can score in a variety of ways. Damon is a skilled penetrator who can finish, while also being an excellent free-throw shooter. He rebounds extremely well and is an above-average defender.
  • College Projected Options: Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, USCAA  

Kaleb Pryor Kaleb Pryor 5'10" | PG Norwin | 2023 State PA – Gateway  (Sophomore, 5-11 Guard)

  • A quality player that will dive on the floor for a loose ball, while being the one finishes at the other end. The true meaning of the word hustle describes this young man. Kaleb can score in a multitude of ways and make things happen on the defensive end.
  • College Projected Options: Division 3, NAIA, JUCO

Brendan McCullough – Peters Township  (Sophomore, 6-0 Guard)

  • An overall talented basketball player who can shoot with a high percentage from the perimeter. A skilled passer and team player. Brendan is a true leader that desires to win and will put forth his best effort to make that happen.
  • College Projected Offers: Division 3, USCAA

Dante DePante Dante DePante 6'2" | PG Central Catholic | 2023 State PA – Central Catholic  (Sophomore, 6-0 Guard)

  • A high-level perimeter shooter with a quick release. He can run the point, while also stepping over to the shooting guard position. Dante is an above-average player that makes the right decisions throughout the game.
  • College Projected Offers: Division 3, NAIA, USCAA

Robert Cain – Kiski School  (Freshman, 6-3 Guard/Forward)

  • A young, skilled player who can play on the perimeter and in the post. He has the ability to score on the offensive glass while being a strong, quality rebounder on the defensive end as well. Robert has excellent jumping ability which gives him an advantage in the post.
  • – College Projected Offers: Division 2, Division 3, JUCO

Josh Okorafor – Sewickley Academy  (6-2 Forward)

  • An improving, young, big man who is not afraid to be on the perimeter. He has good court vision for a forward and his jumping ability is unreal. Josh has the toughness to dominate on the boards while being a quality shot blocker.
  • College Projected Offers: Division 2, Division 3, NAIA

These 12 basketball student-athletes were fun to watch all AAU season. Not only did they make their teams better, but these basketball players will continue to improve on their own to benefit their careers as well as their high school teams. Please follow these boys this season. I guarantee you will be impressed by watching them on the court.