Posted On: 10/11/20 11:41 AM

Finally it’s here, to cap off the 2020 rankings cycle is the brand-new, 2023 rankings cycle. The class of 2023 is the youngest class yet, meaning that most of the names on the list two years from now have barely started to crack their rotation, and can even be considered “unrecognizable” from their gameplay today. What may start as pickup basketball today could be a starting spot two years ago, explaining the lack of length of the 2023 rankings.


For the kids that were able to crack the rotation, they really demonstrated that high school basketball isn’t only for the juniors and seniors, but freshmen have a spot too. Our rankings started off with Seck Zongo Seck Zongo 6'6" | SF Hughes | 2023 OH , who joined a stacked Murry Bergrtaum and not only carved out a role in the starting lineup, but excelled and was one of NYC’s best, racking up legitimate Division I offers in the process, and ended with the power forward Patrick Burke Patrick Burke 6'2" | PF Smithtown West | 2023 State NY upstate at Smithtown West.


Until the class of 2024 gets to shine in whatever basketball season New York gets to experience, these 2023 players are still the youngsters, focusing more on potential and performance and bound for a great career down the road.

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