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Check out the recap of the ALL In Intrasquad Scrimmage Fall League.  Evaluations are written by Tyler Pearson.

Varsity Scrimmage Evaluations: Week 3

Chase Larsen – Prospect – 2021

A player that always seems to make the right decisions. Had a better second scrimmage finding his rhythm by sinking shots he missed in the first scrimmage vs Lake Forest. Chase hit a variety of mid-range shots and spot up threes vs Niles North. A true leader for this Prospect team can trust him to help make plays and contribute to wins for his team.


Marco Shaw – Prospect – 2021

Smart guard plays the point guard position well. Despite small frame finds ways to get to the basket and finish with nifty moves and touch shots. On the perimeter was able to make defense pay by hitting open threes when given to him. Was a major part in teams’ success in this week’s scrimmages.


Ryan Sagendorph – Prospect – 2021

6’0” G/F out of prospect, runs the floor and gets to the deep corner spot ready to shoot in transition. Had a quit a few solid plays on the offensive end of the floor hitting perimeter shots, making the extra pass, and at time creating for others. Not the best defender, but is respectable and came up with a few huge rebounds on the day.


Owen Schneider – Prospect -2021

Schneider found ways to be productive and contribute throughout the scrimmage. Was able to penetrate and kick making plays for others and playing with very high energy. Hit a big three when his team need him to narrow the lead in the first scrimmage.


Gage Messner- Lake Forest – 2021

Another strong forward that Lake Forest has on its roster. Just finds a way to get the job done while doing a lot of things well. Had a few disciplined blocks and strong rebounds even showed ability to be a scoring option at times through the flow of the offense. A player most coaches would love to have on their team.


Walter Mattingly Walter Mattingly 6'6" | SF Deerfield | 2021 State IL – Lake Forest – 2021

A swing forward standing at 6’7” is a solid paint threat on both ends of the floor. Better when being a force at the rim and being used as a roller or slashing but has ability to play on the perimeter as a wing as well. Very good athlete can run the floor and push in transition.  Had some explosive dunks on the day getting above the rim. Can guard 1-5 on the defensive end of the floor where his value is probably the highest. An overall good player that will help Lake Forest tremendously this year.


Pervis Brunson – Niles North- 2021

Aggressive compact guard, very good defender. Made plays on the defensive end to create extra possessions for his team. Loves to get out and push in transition finishes with both hands well at the rim.


 Omar Khan – Niles North – 2021

A 6’6” forward that can stretch the floor, hit a few threes but doesn’t take bad shots. Makes the right play and keeps it simple. Is able to rebound and hold his own on the defensive end of the floor despite long slim frame. Will really help space the floor for the guards on his team who love to penetrate.


Liam Graham Liam Graham 5'8" | PG Niles North | 2021 State IL – Niles North – 2021

One of the multiple capable guards that Niles North has on their roster. Keeps his head up in transition making the easy pass ahead. Was a nuisance for teams when it can to him penetrating and finding open shooters and cutters. Showed ability to get downhill and finish in traffic as well.


Jowell Young 2021 – Niles North

One of the better defenders in the league, did a great job containing guards and limit their scoring ability. Although he shines on defense end he can get it done on offense as well as the lead guard. He fits the mold as a game managing guard who can get to the rim and shoot spot up threes.


Zaphan Hammond – Evanston – 2021

Solid guard that can fill it up and drive the ball. Showed very good footwork when driving being patient waiting for a scoring opportunity to open up.  Loves to get in passing lanes and get steals and score in transition. Scores in the paint majority of the time, but is capable to hit perimeter and mid-range shots when he decides to open his game up and shoot the ball.

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