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The 2024 Watch List has finally made its debut in North Carolina. Here’s a look at 10 early names to know. 

Zion Collins Zion Collins 6'3" | CG Hillside | 2024 State NC | 6’3 Guard/Wing | Hillside

Collins is an electric guard prospect that wouldn’t surprise me much if he was in the varsity rotation in 2020-21. He’s got an advanced skillset for his grade that allows him to play multiple roles on the floor at 6-foot-3 already. He can attack the rim and score on all three levels and maintains a presence on the defensive end. He should serve as a nice change of pace on either rotation at either rate and is a talented prospect worth tracking early. 

Jordan Vick Jordan Vick 5'11" | PG Southern Nash | 2024 State NC | 5’10 Point Guard | Greenfield School

Greenfield doesn’t shy away from playing young prospects, given Hampton Evans Hampton Evans 6'4" | SF Greenfield | 2024 State NC has already appeared in their varsity rotation as of 2019-20, but with 2020-21 brings their floor general of the future in Jordan Vick Jordan Vick 5'11" | PG Southern Nash | 2024 State NC . He’s a prospect that makes his presence felt on both ends and has a ton of athleticism at his disposal to score on all three levels. He’s fun to watch from beginning to the end of the game with his dynamic abilities.

Paul McNeil Paul McNeil 6'7" | SF Richmond Senior | 2024 State NC | 6’4 Guard/Forward | Richmond Senior

McNeil has shown flashes of his potential on the Big Shots stage and in the 9Dime Fall League, where he was named the Rookie of the Year in the inaugural season at New Life Christian. He posted 21 points and 11 rebounds in their semifinal victory and is due to make waves in the championship game this weekend. He’s a versatile prospect 6-foot-4 that can do multiple things on both ends. 

Jaylen Lampkins Jaylen Lampkins 5'10" | PG Washington | 2024 State NC | 5’10 Guard | Washington

Lampkins is one of a few names to know in Washington’s budding backcourt on the 2024 Watchlist. He was a stellar perfomer at this year’s Fab40 Middle School Showcase and is due to make a splash at the point guard position with his length and ability to navigate to the rim off the bounce. He’ll be a name to know over the next few seasons.

Micah Gilbert Micah Gilbert 6'3" | SG Charlotte Christian | 2024 State NC | 6’3 Shooting Guard | Charlotte Christian

Gilbert is a prospect with unlimited range on the perimeter which is showcased this past grassroots season with PSB Elite. He’s also quite the playmaker off the dribble as well. He’ll be exciting to watch in the Charlotte Christian backcourt alongside Bryce Cash Bryce Cash 6'5" | CG Charlotte Christian | 2023 State NC , another prospect due to draw a lot of attention from opposing defenders. 

Maurio Hanson Maurio Hanson 6'6" | PF Vance | 2024 State NC | 6’5 Forward | Vance

Hanson is an emerging forward prospect that can play inside and out. He’s won a number of MVPs on the Big Shots stage this past spring/summer with HOPE Basketball Academy and should serve a solid role in the Vance rotation, given some departures in their backcourt. He should fare well alongside Daniel Sanford Daniel Sanford 6'5" | SF Vance | 2022 State NC

Bishop Boswell Bishop Boswell 6'3" | SF South Mecklenburg | 2024 State NC | 6’3 Wing/Forward | South Mecklenburg

Boswell is a two-way prospect that made waves this past grassroots season with HOPE Basketball Academy alongside Maurio Hanson Maurio Hanson 6'6" | PF Vance | 2024 State NC . He’s a solid complementary player that can create in isolation, fly around for rebounds and defend at a high level. He should make a solid backcourt-pairing alongside Peter Moye Peter Moye 6'0" | SG South Mecklenburg | 2024 State NC , another prospect on the 2024 Watch List. Look for his name at South Mecklenburg. He holds an offer already from Houston University.

Wyatt DeGraaf Wyatt DeGraaf 6'7" | C Durham Academy | 2024 State NC | 6’7 Center/Forward | Durham Academy

DeGraaf is an emerging big man that’s just scratching the surface of what he can do on both ends. He’s got fluid mobility on defense to protect the rim and rebound and attacks the rim with confidence. He’ll be joined by another member on the 2024 Watch List in Jayde Braswell Jayde Braswell 5'7" | PG Durham Academy | 2024 State NC on a squad with some talented upperclassmen. Look for DeGraaf to contribute in the frontcourt off the bench in 2020-21 for Durham Academy. 

Langston Boyd Langston Boyd 6'3" | CG Concord Academy | 2024 State NC | 6’4 Guard/Wing | North Mecklenburg

Boyd is an aggressive lefty guard with a ton of potential already on all three levels. He can get to the rim and finish with authority and also dial it up on the perimeter, making him a lethal prospect in the 2024 class. He’s a prospect who if you don’t key in on, he’ll make you pay in a hurry. He’ll be a solid backcourt pairing alongside Trey Maxwell Trey Maxwell 6'0" | CG North Mecklenburg | 2024 State NC for years to come.

Brayden Crump Brayden Crump 6'8" | C Winston-Salem Christian | 2024 State NC | 6’9 Forward/Center | Winston-Salem Christian

It’s scary to see how improved Crump’s game has gotten since joining the Winston-Salem Christian ranks. He’s already an inside-out forward that can score in bunches and attack the rim at 6-foot-9 with room still to grow as a defensive presence. He’s just one of a few members of Winston-Salem Christian’s 2024 class to keep eyes on. 

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