Posted On: 10/27/20 7:22 PM

Here is the first look at the 2024 class. 

We only ranked 10 and have started a watch list.

There is currently 11 only on the watch list.  

All 21 player are on the right path to possibly play college ball if they keep improving, getting stronger and work on their games. 

Usually after the HS season is completed, the watch list players will be ranked for the first time. 

As we go around the city we will slowly add to the watch list during the HS games, tournaments and AAU. 

The soph class currently has 109 and it started with maybe 40 total.  


Our goal at PrepHoopsAZ is to try and recognize anyone who may play college basketball. 

We are trying to give them the proper exposure, especially in these crazy times with a virus still out there, forcing college coaches to only be allowed to read articles and watch film. 


2024 rankings:

Arizona 2024 Rankings




1. Three players are 6’6 or taller in the Top-10 with Jai Anthoni Bearden Jai Anthoni Bearden 6'6" | SF Kellis | 2024 State AZ , Jovan Milicevic Jovan Milicevic 6'7" | PF Dream City Christian | 2024 State AZ and Evan Coates Evan Coates 6'8" | PF Phhoenix Prep | 2024 State AZ

2. Two combo guards fall in the Top-10 with Braeden Speed Braeden Speed 6'2" | CG Brophy Prep | 2024 State AZ and Dylan Chavez Dylan Chavez 6'2" | CG Phhoenix Prep | 2024 State AZ

3. Two point guards fall in the Top-10 with Styles Phipps Styles Phipps 6'0" | PG St Mary's | 2024 State AZ and Gabe Pickens Gabe Pickens 5'10" | PG Millennium | 2024 State AZ

4. Two shooting guards fall in the Top-10 with Kendre Pride Kendre Pride 6'2" | SG Carl Hayden | 2024 State AZ and Christian Holly Christian Holly 6'1" | SG Millennium | 2024 State AZ

5. Bearden leads a strong group of small forwards along with Cori James Cori James 6'3" | SF South Mountain | 2024 State AZ , Aeramiah Binford Aeramiah Binford 6'4" | SF South Mountain | 2024 AZ , Kallai Patton Kallai Patton 6'3" | SF AZ Compass Prep HS | 2024 AZ , Ezias Steffen Ezias Steffen 6'3" | SF Chandler | 2024 AZ and Christian Warren Christian Warren 6'3" | SF Basha | 2024 AZ .  

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