Posted On: 10/23/20 4:00 PM

The 2023 Rankings in the state of North Carolina have been updated. Here’s a look at the Top 10 sharpshooters in North Carolina’s 2023 class. 

Trey Horton Trey Horton 6'4" | SG Davidson Day | 2023 State NC | 6’4 | Davidson Day

Horton is an emerging name in the 2023 class given his ability to spot up from the perimeter and find openings to knock down the 3-ball. When he’s not spacing the floor and has the ball, he’s even more dangerous as a rim-attacker and shot creator off the bounce. He’s got nice size and can find his rhythm in a hurry on the perimeter.

William Otto William Otto 6'3" | SG Broughton | 2023 State NC | 6’1 | Broughton

Otto is a prospect that makes his impact felt in a hurry with his ability to space the floor on the perimeter and create off the bounce. He’s got a high IQ for catching the defense off guard and making things happen with range on the perimeter. He’ll be one to watch at Broughton in 2020-21.

Isaac Dobie Isaac Dobie 6'3" | SG First Flight | 2023 State NC | 6’1 | First Flight

Dobie was a familiar face on the varsity stage this past season at First Flight High School, producing 9.6 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 1.4 apg and 1.0 spg as a freshman in the rotation. He’s put on some muscle and size since then and is an even bigger threat shooting the ball on the perimeter. He made 53 3-pointers in 2019-20 with room to do more in in 2020-21.

Aden Taylor Aden Taylor 6'2" | SG Princeton | 2023 State NC | 6’2 | Princeton

Taylor is a wiry shooting guard prospect that’s a threat anytime the ball comes his way. He always leaves the defense guessing with his ability to shoot it and get to the paint and make things happen. He put up 6.8 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 2.7 apg and 1.6 spg in the freshman rotation for Princeton High in 2019-20. Look for him to breakout as a sophomore.

Houston Wills Houston Wills 6'2" | SG Holly Springs | 2023 State NC | 6’2 | Holly Springs

Wills is an emerging sharpshooter that recently cracked the Top 100 rankings. He’s a knockdown shooter from a variety of spots on the floor and doesn’t hold back his confidence when the ball comes his way. He’ll be a name to track at Holly Springs this season.

Amari Collins Amari Collins 6'2" | SG Panther Creek | 2023 NC | 6’2 | Panther Creek

Collins spent time on the JV level in 2019-20 where he developed under Panther Creek’s system. He’s got nice length on the perimeter that allows him to knock down shots on the perimeter and make his presence felt. He’s due to contribute on both levels in 2020-21.

Ezekiel Brock Ezekiel Brock 5'10" | SG Cape Fear Christian Academy | 2023 State NC | 5’10 | Cape Fear Christian

Brock is a familiar face from the grassroots stage and due to make waves at Cape Fear Christian as a perimeter threat. His range is limitless when he’s on the floor and he’s got the confidence to go along with his range as well. Look for his name to grow at Cape Fear Christian this season.

Jackson Watt Jackson Watt 6'4" | SG Greenfield | 2023 State NC | 6’4 | Greenfield

Watt is a budding prospect on the wing that’s slowly finding his way on the perimeter as a threat. He’s got the ability to knock it down from deep on the perimeter while developing his game as a driver to the basket. He’ll be an emerging name at Greenfield School in 2020-21.

Tanner Mikulecky Tanner Mikulecky 6'4" | SG Garner Magnet | 2023 State NC | 6’2 | Garner Magnet

Mikulecky was a solid contributor on the JV squad this past season, serving as their sharpshooter on the perimeter. Seeing as there are some departures on varsity, he’ll have an opportunity to grow as an instant-offense threat that can score in a variety of ways. 

Dice Royster Dice Royster 6'3" | SG Wesleyan Christian | 2023 State NC | 6’3 | Wesleyan Christian

Royster is a name expected to grow into an expanded role at Wesleyan Christian after playing a reserve role in 2019-20. He’s developing into a perimeter threat and possesses underrated athleticism as well. He’ll be a name to keep an eye on in 2020-21.

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