Posted On: 10/6/20 2:32 PM

Last year this time we had 77 players to rank for the 2023 class.

We added 32 players to get the total to 109.

All 32 players added were discovered after the HS season and are now blossoming at the right time. 

Like the senior and junior class, many will see their rankings drop. 

Our goal at PrepHoopsAZ is to try and recognize anyone who may play college basketball. 

We are trying to give them the proper exposure, especially in these crazy times with a virus still out there, forcing college coaches to only be allowed to read articles and watch film. 


2023 updated rankings:

Arizona 2023 Rankings



1. Roosevelt WashingtonRooseveltWashington6'4" | SGMountain Pointe | 2023State#63NationAZ, Noah AmenhauserNoahAmenhauser6'11" | CEstrella Foothills | 2023StateAZ and Cody WilliamsCodyWilliams6'6" | SGPerry | 2023StateAZ are the Top-3 for 2023. Washington holds a big ASU offer but the other two are still waiting for theirs to come, which will be sooner rather then later. 

2. 11 players were added to the Top-50 led by athletic Mathiang MakerMathiangMaker6'7" | SFDream City Christian | 2023StateAZ, who is the younger brother of Makur MakerMakurMaker6'11" | CHillcrest Prep | 2020State#10NationAZ.

3. Of the 109 players ranked, there are 28 PG’s, 23 SG’s, 16 CG,s, 24 SF’s, 17 PF’s and only 1 Center. 

4. In the Top-50 there are 13 PF’s, 12 SG’s, 11 SF’s, 7 CG’s, 6 PG’s and 1 Center.  

4. 3 players are currently nationally ranked in the Top-150. (Roosevelt WashingtonRooseveltWashington6'4" | SGMountain Pointe | 2023State#63NationAZ-#61), (Ky GreenKyGreen6'6" | SFDream City Christian | 2023State#84NationAZ-#84), (Mark Brown JrMarkBrown Jr5'10" | PGMountain Pointe | 2023State#148NationAZ-#148) 

5. I think Noah AmenhauserNoahAmenhauser6'11" | CEstrella Foothills | 2023StateAZ, Cody WilliamsCodyWilliams6'6" | SGPerry | 2023StateAZ, Jason Fontenet JrJasonFontenet Jr6'3" | PGSt Mary's | 2023StateAZ, Arman MadiArmanMadi6'5" | SFBrophy Prep | 2023StateAZ, Kevin Patton JrKevinPatton Jr6'7" | SFAZ Compass Prep HS | 2023StateAZ, Isaac HymesIsaacHymes6'7" | PFMillennium | 2023StateAZ and Mathiang MakerMathiangMaker6'7" | SFDream City Christian | 2023StateAZ all have a chance to be added at certain points in their HS careers to the national rankings. Without the live periods, every single player didn’t get seen, so it was very hard to get discovered nationally. 

6. This class is very top heavy but many of the others not in the Top-10 are late bloomer type of players and may blossom over the next 3 years and will definitely challenge the Top-10. Plus others will be added from out of state once we view them from the local Grind Session teams.