Posted On: 09/22/20 4:52 PM

The new PrepHoops C/O 2023 rankings have been released! These are our most extensive rankings to date with over 50 players making the list. The class of 2023 is littered with talent and future prospects. In this article we break down our top 5 prospects in the class. 

Sebastian MackSebastianMack6'1" | CGDurango | 2023State#64NationNV 6’1 CG Durango
(#1PHN C/O 2023) (#61PH)

Projected: High Major 

Best Strengths: Pressure Shooting 

Biggest Weakness: On ball defense 

Analysis: Knock down shooter that makes shots in clutch situations and in the face of rapidly closing defenders. Crafty scorer that has a variety of finishes around the rim. Currently transitioning from a 2 into a 1. As it stands right now, he is a combo who is at his best when he can play off the ball and focus on scoring. 

Osiris GradyOsirisGrady6'7" | CCoronado | 2023State#91NationNV 6’7 PF Nevada St Prep (#2PHN)

Projected: High Major 

Best Strength: Size and Athleticism

Biggest Weakness: Outside shooting

Analysis: Grady has a ton of potential and it wouldn’t surprise me if he took over the top spot one day. At his size, he is a fluid athlete that is a dedicated rim runner. Grady provides rebounding and rim protection at a high level. Has shown improving ball skills which is important if he plans on transitioning to the 3. Currently he would still be a scholarship athlete even if he never grew anther inch, however that high major tag is assuming he either grows, or does transition down. 

Sterling KnoxSterlingKnox6'4" | SFDurango | 2023StateNV 6’4 SF Durango (#3PHN)

Projected: D1 

Best Strength: Shooting

Biggest Weakness: Shooting

Analysis: One of the rare prospects whose strengths and weaknesses are the same. When he sees the ball go through the net, he becomes a completely different player. Knox has good R&J ability and can defend multiple positions, however these skills have a tendency to take a back seat when he’s not making shots. As long as he stays healthy, he will play Division 1 ball, the level depends on his ability to improve those other skills around his shooting. 

Darnell FizerDarnellFizer6'4" | SGCoronado | 2023State#77NationNV 6’4 SG Nevada St Prep (#4PHN) (#77PH)

Projected: D1 

Best Strength: Advanced offensive skill set

Biggest Weakness: Defense

Analysis: Has an advanced offensive skill set, that combined with his size allows him to make difficult shots look easy. Good in catch and shoot action, but also has the ability to show the ball, get into the lane and finish. Not a tremendous R&J athlete, however he has the length and frame to be one of the best two way players in the state over the next few years. 

Angelo KambalaAngeloKambala5'10" | CGCoronado | 2023StateNV 5’10 PG Coronado (#5PHN)

Projected: D2 – Low Major  

Best Strength: On ball defensive ability

Biggest Weakness: Offensive PG Play

Analysis: Is one of the top on ball defenders regardless of class. His ability to change a game with his defense alone, already makes him a valuable prospect. His offensive game is not bad either, he simply gravities to more of a combo role. As he continues to develop his point guard skills, his stock should rise, moving him firmly into the D1 category. 

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