Posted On: 09/4/20 8:48 PM

What an abnormal summer this has been. Normally, the sound of officials whistles and squeaks from basketball sneakers would be oozing out of every court in America, but due to COVID summer leagues, travel tournaments and exposure camps were non-existent. And for a hoops junkie and gym rat like me it was withdraw. However, as we began to navigate through this pandemic, the basketball community has begun to think out the box and created unique ways to keep the player’s games sharp and get them some live action on the court.

Social media was flooded with virtual workouts athletes were able to take advantage of from ballhandling to fundamental shooting drills. But summer is the time when you get better. It’s that time where ballers can play games every day of the week and multiple games on weekends to get those repetitions to work on the skills they have added to their game. But with those opportunities taken away a new wave of game play has emerged. Open Exposure Runs. Philly area hoopsheads have created a new lane for ballers that have missed out due to COVID. The “Bumps” as they are sometimes referred to feature the areas unsung and

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