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The needle-shifters mentioned below were among the biggest stock-risers at the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in Edmond last weekend. The list is not comprehensive of all players who played well, but is limited to five who stood out above the rest to the Prep Hoops Oklahoma staff.

Maverick Ridenour Maverick Ridenour 6'3" | SG Kingfisher | 2021 State OK — Kingfisher 2021 SG

→ Ridenour has not received the praise he deserves as an individual standout as much as he has been a part of cohesive attention towards one of the best programs in the state in Kingfisher. However, he had the chance to prove his polished skill-set to be worthy of a second look at the event — and did just that. Ridenour could probably star in more of an on-ball or primary scoring role at another school, if you are judging from his performances Sunday. The sharpshooter can do much more than just net shots from deep, though it is his bread-and-butter. Ridenour showed off his accuracy from deep and even showcased impressive poise on the perimeter when tasked with taller defenders or heavy contest, showcasing his polished handle to create shots for himself. He also has great vision as he used his handle to pull defenders towards him before providing passes for teammates in motion. At a handsome 6-foot-3-inches, Ridenour may be primed for not only a breakout year at Kingfisher, but even for some flirtations from in-state and regional college recruiters.

Israel Hart Israel Hart 6'3" | PG Midwest City | 2021 State OK — Midwest City 2021 PG

→ There is not much to say about Hart, other than that he keeps disproving his doubters. At 6-foot-3-inches, Hart has the height, and even with a slender frame, he makes up for it with length and sneaky mobility — not to mention skill. Hart had the bucket on his mind Sunday as he routinely and regularly attacked the rim as his first instinct. Hart has great body control and unique acceleration when charging down-hill towards the rack. he has an exceptionally diverse finishing package with more than a couple tricks up his sleeve to habitually outlast defenders. On at least two sequences that I saw, Hart took matters into his own hands when facing a late deficit in double-digit scoring runs, one in which he knocked down three 3-points in consecutive possessions to take the lead for his team. Hart has developed a keen sense for isolating defenders and playing with confidence in pivotal game situations, a killer mentality that is one of the best locally. The weight room could only be his friend from here, but his foundation is as polished as it gets.

Layton Moore — Edmond North 2021 PF

→ Moore has not been a go-to option for Edmond North to this point in his career as his high school squad boasts one of the best classes in the state with at least six seniors who have started or received significant playing time since their sophomore year; nonetheless, this kid is talented, and with a unique frame paired with great vision for the floor, he could receive his share of college attention soon. He towers over most defenders at a legitimate 6-foot-7-inches, packing his height into a slender yet mobile frame. The Husky post can stretch the floor on the wing with his shooting skills as an added edge, but it gets really good when he has the ball in the short-to-mid-range. Moore has great foot-work, agility and confidence around the short corners, where he can either get around or above defenders to finish shots with great touch.

Jawan Mukes Jawan Mukes 5'8" | PG OKC Storm | 2022 State OK — OKC Storm 2021 PG

→ Mukes is really fun to watch. He has woah-and-go speed-sets, though it is his top-gear that stands out. Mukes was constantly the fastest ball-handler on the floor with burners to thrive against his competition as a slasher, and his deceleration helped him to drop-off defenders as he approached the rim to score. He regularly got to the rim from the perimeter in just a dribble or two, slicing through defenses and, if not finishing the shot, drawing the foul and getting to the line. He also has impressive vision for the floor, and even at his top-speed could still place pinpoint passes into the torsos of his teammates to provide great shooting opportunities. Mukes also has a pretty good shot himself, and he can sink tough tries from the mid-range out of his dribble.

Ethan Ganaway Ethan Ganaway 6'5" | SF Midwest City | 2021 State OK — Midwest City 2021 SG (pictured in featured photo)

→ There are not many knocks you can claim off Ganaway’s game; and he is no second-fiddle to Hart. If his play at the expo was indicative of what he will be able to do at Midwest City this season, opposing teams should be prepared to pick their poison when it comes to Hart and Ganaway. He has a diverse scoring catalog, but it is his stout frame paired with accurate, quick mobility that sets him apart from others. Ganaway has been in the gym developing his hop-step, euro-step, pull-up game and rim-finishing packages this summer, and it showed Sunday. He was able to beat defenders with shifty lateral movements, while his acceleration down-hill allowed him to keep defenders behind him. From there, it was that aforementioned catalog that finished the job for him as he utilized his instinctive attack-mindedness to notch a few big scoring performances. Well-timed pump fakes helped the pacing off his offensive game even further as he analyzed his defenders’ tendencies to put them off-balance with clever moves. Be prepared for Ganaway’s stock to only rise more during his senior year with the Bombers.

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