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PEOSTA, Iowa. —  Prospect standouts from the 2020 Future Stars Showcase…

Zach Bestor Zach Bestor 5'11" | PG Reedsburg | 2021 State WI – 2021 –  G – Wisconsin Swing-Bredesen

This kid just doesn’t miss open shots. The Reedsburg guard is about as deadly as it gets when it comes to feeding off dribble penetration from beyond the arc.  Bestor does a great job of feeling things out on the floor — whether it’s trailing in transition and getting rhythm on the go, floating to the corners off baseline drives, or just extending himself well beyond the perimeter to open up driving lanes for his teammates as defenders know they have to stay attached.  With the Beavers losing so much talent from last season’s squad, Bestor has a chance to be one of the bigger breakout performers in the Badger North next season.

Zach Bestor Zach Bestor 5'11" | PG Reedsburg | 2021 State WI

Jamariea Dalton Jamariea Dalton 6'2" | SG Fond Du Lac | 2023 State WI – 2023 – SG – Wisconsin Starz

Dalton is a high-flyer with dangerous above the rim athleticism. A long, explosive athlete, Dalton  doesn’t care if there’s someone between him and the rim.  Dalton played in about 10 games for Fond Du Lac last season on varsity.  Dalton is mostly rim-oriented right now, but does some other things besides constantly trying to score around the hoop.  He’s an active offensive rebounder that uses his length to soar above  people and times misses very well. A high-upside prospect  who will continue to get better as he expands his offensive skillset, Dalton  has a chance at a breakout sophomore year in the Fox Valley Association. 

Gunnar DeCleene Gunnar DeCleene 6'2" | SG Bay Port | 2021 State WI – 2021 – G – Wisconsin Swing-Bredesen

DeCleene is a sneaky good prospect that could be a valuable addition in the WIAC.  He’s not really a glue-guy, but DeCleene is definitely a prospect that ties things together and can serve a variety of roles. The Bay Port standout is a quality 3-point shooter, plays on and off the ball, sees the floor and makes plays in transition, and is a deceptive athlete both in  the open floor and above the rim.  The 6-foot-3 guard is also a willing defender.  DeCleene is a plug and play prospect. He’ll fit just about any system, find ways to be successful, and be one of those guys who makes it hard to take off the floor.

Easton Evenstad Easton Evenstad 6'0" | PG Darlington | 2022 State WI – 2022 – G – Wisconsin Swing-Bredesen

Evenstad plays  at a different pace than others on the floor. When the Darlington guard gets the rock, defenders just have to respect him off the drive. Evenstad has a ton of extra burst and blow-by ability. He’s also very confident in what he does. If there’s a hand down, he’s not afraid to pull from the outside at any point within the structure of the offense. Evenstad is a very accurate shooter off the dribble. When he misses, it isn’t by much.  The 5-foot-11 junior plays plenty of point guard, but has the skillset to move off the ball and act as a sniper as well. In his final game of the day on Saturday, Evenstad was simply clutch throughout a tight game, hitting timely shots, including the game-winner with two seconds left.

Nate Forystek Nate Forystek 6'7" | PF Bay Port | 2022 State WI – 2022 – PF  – Wisconsin Crusaders

You’re not going to find many guys in the state more imposing than Forystek. The 6-foot-7  power forward is built like a prototypical offensive tackle, but is a much more fluid athlete and lighter on his feet than he may look. Forystek dominated under the rim during a victory Saturday

Nate Forystek Nate Forystek 6'7" | PF Bay Port | 2022 State WI

afternoon in 17U play.  The Bay Port product has good hands, can bend and catch low passes in traffic. He gets off the ground quickly  on his own missed shots, sticks with it, and records putbacks. Forystek also has some game outside the paint too. He’ll shoot it a bit and when he puts it on the deck and gets a lane to the rim, it’s like a freight train coming  through the paint.

Mateo Jimenez – 2023 – G – Wisconsin Swing-Bredesen

Jimenez is an instant offense type prospect. He comes off the bunch and has the green light to let it fly.  A supremely confident shooter, Jimenez doesn’t get too high or too low no matter how many shots he’s made/missed in a row.  A skilled and speedy guard, Jimenez has some dangerous handles and natural shot creating ability. He’s very smooth with his step-back jumper and does a great job of selling the drive first. A JV performer  last season for Edgewood,  Jimenez could be a nice piece as a sophomore for the Crusaders.

Jack Jorgensen Jack Jorgensen 6'2" | SG De Pere | 2022 State WI – 2022 – SG –  Wisconsin Crusaders

Jorgensen got extremely hot in a blowout win over 608 Surge.  The De Pere guard hit six, count em’, six 3-pointers in the first half alone. The Crusaders just kept feeding Jorgensen the ball and he just kept knocking them down. Jorgensen just wouldn’t miss for a period of time and the game got out of hand quickly. 

Ronald Kirk Ronald Kirk 6'4" | SF Dominican | 2021 State WI – 2021 – SF – Wisconsin Starz

If you’re looking for Kirk, check the paint.  The Dominican standout was just living at the rim on Saturday. A strong, athletic slashing presence, Kirk had a couple of 20-point games over the weekend.  Kirk did a great job of not settling, challenging defenders and forcing them to stop him.  Kirk was excellent off the catch, ripping, and getting right to the bucket. In transition, Kirk ran the wings hard and generated easy buckets. The 6-foot-4 can shoot it from downtown as well.  He’s got a nice little one-dribble, step-back and has the size where he’s not fazed by a hand in his face.

Adam Larson Adam Larson 6'8" | PF Fennimore | 2021 State WI – 2021 – F – 608 Surge

Still a lot of upside to tap into here with Larson and you can see why he’s attracting Division 1 suitors. The Fennimore standout may not finish in the top 25 of the class of 2021 rankings, but his best days are still ahead of him.  You don’t see many 6-foot-8 forwards with this type of raw, physical upside. A lanky, but also an explosive athlete, Larson runs the floor as well as any big man in the state. Larson is also one of the best spot-up shooters in the state. He roams the perimeter, has  a quick stroke, and also excels in the pick n’ pop game. Interested to see how Larson does at the next level after a few years in a college strength and conditioning program.

Jeremy Lorenz Jeremy Lorenz 6'8" | PF Brillion | 2023 State WI – 2023 – F – Wisconsin Crusaders

Prospect I think is still undervalued and could be closer to top 20 right now.  Lorenz has a chance to develop into a beast offensively. The 6-foot-5 combo forward has some exciting mismatch nightmare potential. Lorenz can step out and shoot the ball, is a confident dribble-drive threat, and has plenty of strength/athleticism.  When Lorenz steps away from the rim, he’s got a soft, fluid shooting touch. He can get from the 3-point line to the rim in 1-2 dribbles.  Want to see him in some more high-level action, but playing up in 16U, Lorenz certainly passes the eye test on Saturday.

Mason Martinson Mason Martinson 6'3" | SF New Glarus | 2021 State WI – 2021 – F – Wisconsin Academy

Martinson is one of those players that ties the whole floor together. An active, versatile presence on the floor, Martinson plays a variety of roles. A big, strong wing/forward, Martinson can play inside or out.  He’s very good at swinging the ball around the horn and getting things moving. Martinson is a gifted passer when post-to-post as well.  College coaches will just appreciate his overall activity as someone who wants to do the little things — getting on the glass, defending, scrapping for loose balls, etc.

Brogan McIntyre Brogan McIntyre 6'5" | SF Milton | 2023 State WI – 2023 – W –  Wisconsin Swing-Bredesen

McIntyre is a pure shot maker with nice positional size. Already 6-foot-3, McIntyre is a rise and fire wing who shot the ball exceptionally well all weekend.  The Milton product always stays ready, keeps his hands up, and makes himself available to teammates for drive and dish kickouts. McIntyre also showed some nice flashes, being up to face-up, force defenders to put their hands down, and shoot over the top.  Also liked his activeness on the offensive glass. McIntyre isn’t a player that stands around and ball watches. When his teammates shoot, he goes after it.

Carter Olson Carter Olson 5'10" | PG Cuba City | 2022 State WI – 2022 – PG – 608 Surge

Carter Olson Carter Olson 5'10" | PG Cuba City | 2022 State WI

Easily the biggest stock booster of the weekend. Olson came into Saturday unranked. He ended the day in the discussion for a spot in the top 50. Given all the guard talent thaat Cuba City had last season, Olson was hidden.  A speedy and crafty guard who can score and create for others, Olson not only held his own, but shined in 17U action.  Olson has a very quick first step on the ball. He knows how to change paces and keep defenders guessing. When he gets downhill, Olson can fly in the open floor and finish at top end speed.  Olson doesn’t rely on his jumper, but it’s definitely there. Defensively, he’s just a pest. He’ll hound opponents, stick his hands, fight for loose balls, and just battle on that end of the floor.

Alex Sherwood Alex Sherwood 6'7" | SF Xavier | 2023 State WI –  2023 – G/W – Wisconsin Blizzard

Sherwood has a chance to develop into a nice player. The 6-foot-6 sophomore can handle and shoot the ball. He’s very perimeter-oriented with intriguing positional size and length.  A floor spacer that shows some flashes of being able to put the ball on the deck and attack, Sherwood had some impressive moments. He has a lanky build, but definitely isn’t shy about playing through contact at the rim. The Xavier wing fired his team up with some big-time finishes on Saturday.

Zach Steigenberger Zach Steigenberger 6'0" | CG Appleton East | 2022 State WI – 2022 – SG – Wisconsin Crusaders

Steigenberger was efficient throughout the weekend and showcased excellent shot selection.  The Appleton East sharpshooter is only about 6-foot, but has some added length and plays a lot bigger. He’s not only a dangerous outside shooter when he gets left open.  Steigenberger also has a good scoring skillset on the ball. He’s able to create space off the dribble, shoot off-balance,  and extend his range well beyond the arc. Off the ball, Steigenberger is generally very active. Wouldn’t call him a shot hunter and he definitely lets the game come to him, but  you still appreciate his willingness to move without the ball even if he’s not taking 10-plus shots per game.

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