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M.V.P: Sean Pedulla Sean Pedulla 6'1" | PG Edmond Memorial | 2021 State #81 Nation OK | Team Buddy Buckets
6’1″ PG Edmond Memorial ’21

Pedulla made the 2020 grassroots season his playground.

In Dallas, then Kansas City, Minneapolis and Dallas again, with routine stops in Oklahoma City in-between. A player whose name became frequently more relevant in recruiting circles, Pedulla racked up Division-I offers, it seemed, every time he stepped foot in a new gym as national media surveyed and awed the senior.

More than a few where did this kid come from’s were passed about the baseline in those instances, though folks from Oklahoma have known about Pedulla for a while.

Dalante Shannon Dalante Shannon 6'2" | CG Edmond North | 2021 State OK | Team Buddy Buckets
6’2″ CG Edmond North ’21

Shannon was far from Pedulla’s second fiddle — he had his share of outstanding performances in spotlight games. A significant contributor to the TBB effort, Shannon earned his first Division-I scholarship offer from Army in June while a host of in-state schools put up bids for Shannons’ talents.

Shannon is among the most explosive athletes in the state, and he used his lanky athleticism to finish at the rack, gather boards, and most importantly, shut down opposing ball-handlers for TBB. With open court ahead of him in fast-break situations, there are few players more highlight-worthy than Shannon.

Colby Onyekuru Colby Onyekuru 6'5" | SF Edmond Santa Fe | 2021 State OK Oklahoma Swarm
6’5″ SF Edmond Santa Fe ’21

Onyekuru took his senior year seriously.

The long, multi-talented Sante Fe standout further diversified his skill-set, put on some muscle and got to work for Swarm, playing a central two-way role. Onyekuru has a high motor with great instinct for the game defensively as he protected the rim and held his own at the perimeter.

Offensively, Onyekuru’s length was certainly a weapon for Swarm. He was able to score well from the interior, shaking, swimming or spinning around defenders to finish near the rim. He was also effective when swinging out to the perimeter and shooting, distributing or driving.

Jake Gendron Jake Gendron 6'5" | SF Bishop Kelley | 2021 State OK | Tulsa Hawks
6’5″ SF Bishop Kelley ’21

Gendron made a decision following his season-ending injury in January that his senior summer was going to be his best yet.

Gendron explored his newfound confidence and decisiveness on both ends of the floor, but especially to score the basketball. Though he was already one of the most impressive sharpshooters of his class, the 6-foot-5-inch scorer found his rhythm in the driving game, the mid-range game and more with Tulsa Hawks this summer. Gendron burned teams with his efficiency, and he was even a threat to throw-down frightening dunks on occasion. He is more than college-ready.

Tobias Roland Jr Tobias Roland Jr 6'3" | SG Putnam City North | 2021 State OK . | BTR
6’3″ SG Putnam City ’21

Few players are as efficient, durable or multi-talented than Roland. He was an electrifying omnipresence on the hardwood for Below The Rim.

A standout defender, Roland was able to defend players from the top-to-bottom with an array of skill-sets. He kept perimeter scorers on his front, was rarely dropped in the mid-range and gave nothing to opposing forwards.

Offensively, he passed the ball, used great awareness to set up others for opportunities, and most importantly, scored the ball from each level.

DJ Freeman DJ Freeman 6'4" | PF Casady | 2021 State OK | H&H Elite
6’4″ PF Casady ’21

Freeman played with the H&H squad for his senior summer and shined.

A multi-talented forward, Freeman’s athletic prowess made him all but un-defendable for opposing teams in the half-court. He has special explosive strength, and his developed post skill culminated with his elevation in ways that helped him and his teammates to score the basketball; it took opposing teams dedicating and concentrating numerous defenders to the interior to limit him. By that time, corner shooters, slashing guards and mid-range assassins had already scored double-digits while defenses were focusing talents on Freeman.


Breakout P.o.Y: Raul Nunez Raul Nunez 6'3" | CG Choctaw | 2021 State OK | Oklahoma Hustle
6’3″ CG Choctaw ’21

Nunez, a name not so central in the local basketball community, became one of the most touted prospects in the OKC-metro after an exceptional senior summer.

He has a diverse skill-set, able to play at the wing, bring the ball up the floor, shoot from the handle and more. Nunez led the court for Hustle in a primary role and flourished while watching the offers follow.

Underclassman P.o.Y: Ethan Scott Ethan Scott 5'10" | PG Mustang | 2022 State OK | Team Buddy Buckets
5’10″ SG Mustang ’22

For one of the best programs in the state, Team Buddy Buckets, Scott was an exceptional scoring option as a junior playing-up.

The sharpshooter finished second in scoring for TBB, including more than a couple big-time performances that earned national media attention. Scott is among the most impressive shooting talents in recent memory, and his cold-blooded efficiency when knocking down shots in transition made him a dependable threat against the best talent from about the nation.

Perhaps most importantly for Scott, he silenced many doubters in his junior summer.


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