Posted On: 09/6/20 4:06 PM

As we get ready for the high school hoops season, it is the right time to look back on the turbulent 2020 summer and see how the local talent fared through the chaos.. Over the next few weeks I will do a deep-dive on a handful of players from each club and discuss their prospects moving forward. Let’s start with Team Factory UAR 17U.


Livon Ramsey Livon Ramsey 6'4" | SF Lincoln High | 2021 State NE - 6’3" SF

Ramsey has maybe the highest defensive ceiling of any player in the 2021 class. He is super bouncy and a tenacious rebounder. His player profile here lists him at 6’3", but it sure seems he has outgrown that data point. He can jump and bang with the bigs down low and then switch out onto a perimeter player, frequently maintaining the advantage, at the very least holding his own. There has been growth in his offensive game, specifically his finishing at the rim. I like his creativity on that front, too. He can finish with both hands pretty well and can get creative with his angles and speeds of his finishes, depending on the defensive positioning. He could be a terrifying roll man for opposing teams to defend.

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