Posted On: 09/29/20 1:16 PM

Last year this time we had 102 players to rank for the 2022 class.

We added 69 players to get the total to 171.

Unlike the senior class with many of these 69 new players coming in from out of town, only two fall into that category. Most players added simply just got better or were just discovered and are now blossoming at the right time. 

Like the senior class, many will see their rankings drop. 

Our goal at PrepHoopsAZ is to try and recognize anyone who may play college basketball. 

We are trying to give them the proper exposure, especially in these crazy times with a virus still out there, forcing college coaches to only be allowed to read articles and watch film. 

My advice to parents is to get as much film on your son as possible. Once you properly make the film, email it out to schools that your son is interested in playing at. 


2022 updated rankings:

Arizona 2022 Rankings



1. Sadraque NgangaSadraqueNganga6'9" | SFAZ Compass Prep | 2022State#14NationAZ, Dylan AndersonDylanAnderson6'11" | CPerry | 2022State#46NationAZ and Dasean LecqueDaseanLecque6'0" | PGDesert Vista | 2022State#131NationAZ are the Top-3 for 2022. All three have some impressive offers to back it up as well. 

2. As previously mentioned, 2 brand new players from out of state were added, led by the long and talented wing Jalen CarruthJalenCarruth6'7" | SFBella Vista Prep | 2022State#227NationAZ.

3. 6 were added to the Top-50 that were essentially undiscovered until now led by Julian RobertsJulianRoberts6'7" | PFGlenview College Prep | 2022StateAZ

4. Of the 171 players ranked, there were 42 PG’s, 32 SG’s, 20 CG,s, 28 SF’s, 42 PF’s and only 10 C’s. 

5. There isn’t a lot of Centers but Dylan AndersonDylanAnderson6'11" | CPerry | 2022State#46NationAZ, Duke BrennanDukeBrennan6'10" | CEduprize | 2022State#215NationAZ and Adrame DiongueAdrameDiongue6'11" | CAZ Compass Prep | 2022State#158NationAZ are all in the Top-6 and 7 Centers are in the Top-60. 

6. Almost half of the Top-60 are SF’s or PF’s (28 total) led by Nganga and Elijah SaundersElijahSaunders6'8" | PFSunnyslope | 2022StateAZ

7. Only 25 are in the Top-60 from PG’s, CG’s, and SG’s combined led by Dasean LecqueDaseanLecque6'0" | PGDesert Vista | 2022State#131NationAZ, Mekhi MasonMekhiMason6'5" | CGAZ Compass Prep | 2022StateAZ and Andrew KingAndrewKing6'2" | SGPhhoenix Prep | 2022StateAZ

8. But, 7 of the Top-13 are PG’s, CG’s or SG’s. 

9. 17 players have already received a D1 offer.

10. 1 player in the 2022 class has already verbally committed with Dominic CapriottiDominicCapriotti6'4" | SGPhhoenix Prep | 2022StateAZ to Northern Colorado. 

11. 7 players are currently nationally ranked in the Top-250. (Sadraque NgangaSadraqueNganga6'9" | SFAZ Compass Prep | 2022State#14NationAZ-#14), (Dylan AndersonDylanAnderson6'11" | CPerry | 2022State#46NationAZ-#46), (Dasean LecqueDaseanLecque6'0" | PGDesert Vista | 2022State#131NationAZ-#131), (Adrame DiongueAdrameDiongue6'11" | CAZ Compass Prep | 2022State#158NationAZ-#158), (Youssouf SingareYoussoufSingare6'11" | CBella Vista Prep | 2022State#170NationAZ-#170), (Duke BrennanDukeBrennan6'10" | CEduprize | 2022State#215NationAZ-#215), (Jalen CarruthJalenCarruth6'7" | SFBella Vista Prep | 2022State#227NationAZ-#227). 

12. 4 more will be added to the AZ national list with Trey Pettigrew (#56) and Jayden Epps (#79) at Hillcrest Prep and Shaedon Sharpe (#94) and Birima Sech (N/A yet) of Dream City Christian. I have not seen them yet, but will adjust when I do.  

13. My guess is that Sech is a top-25 type and Sharpe, Diongue and Brennan will slowly move up plus Elijah SaundersElijahSaunders6'8" | PFSunnyslope | 2022StateAZ will move into the Top-250.