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Last year this time we had 106 players to rank for the 2021 class.

We added 86 players to get the total to 192, which is the highest on the site since they started in 2015. 

Players from out of state, post grad and previously undiscovered players are apart of the new 86. 

This obviously means most players who were ranked last year saw their ranking drop. 

Our goal at PrepHoopsAZ is to try and recognize anyone who may play college basketball. 

We are trying to give them the proper exposure, especially in these crazy times with a virus still out there, forcing college coaches to only be allowed to read articles and watch film. 

My advice to parents, especially in this particular senior class, is to get as much film on your son as possible. Once you properly make the film, email it out to schools that your son is interested in playing at. 

We have to think outside the box with this class and go out of your way to gain some attention from college coaches.

We at PrepHoopsAZ try and help as much as we can, but it doesn’t hurt taking some initiative. 


2021 updated rankings:

Arizona 2021 Rankings



1. Mike Foster Mike Foster 6'8" | PF Hillcrest Prep | 2021 State #17 Nation AZ , Tyrone Washington Tyrone Washington 6'4" | PG AZ Compass Prep | 2021 State #33 Nation AZ and Arthur Kaluma Arthur Kaluma 6'7" | PF Dream City Christian | 2021 State #38 Nation AZ are the Top-3 for 2021. All 3 look to be elite college players and all 3 have a real shot at playing professionally after college. 

2. 8 brand new players from out of town are now in the Top-15 led by the versatile Alden Applewhite Alden Applewhite 6'7" | SF AZ Compass Prep | 2021 State #126 Nation AZ

3. 7 more brand new players were in the Top-20-45 range led by the uber-athletic Joshua Uduje Joshua Uduje 6'5" | SG AZ Compass Prep | 2021 State AZ

4. 15 post grad players were added overall led by the bigger wing sharp shooter Tristan Moore Tristan Moore 6'6" | SF Phhoenix Prep Post Grad | 2021 State AZ .

5. Of the 192 ranked, there are 53 PG’s, 30 SG’s, 22 CG,s, 36 SF’s, 40 PF’s and only 11 C’s. 

6. The PG group is DEEP! Jason Kimbrough Jr Jason Kimbrough Jr 6'1" | PG Mountain Pointe | 2021 State AZ and Isaiah Freeney Isaiah Freeney 6'0" | PG South Mountain | 2021 State AZ are both receiving real D1 interest and they come in at 9 and 10 in the group. 

7. 3 PG’s have already signed in the senior class including Tyler Simon Tyler Simon 6'4" | CG Dream City Christian | 2021 State AZ (Harvard), Jalen Scott Jalen Scott 6'3" | PG Paradise Honors | 2021 State AZ (Colorado State) and Brett Hardt Jr Brett Hardt Jr 6'4" | PG Phhoenix Prep | 2021 State AZ (DePaul) 

8. The SF group is another strong group with one already signed with the physical transfer from IL in Brandon Weston Brandon Weston 6'6" | SF Hillcrest Prep | 2021 State #60 Nation AZ (Seton Hall). 

9. The Top-9 SF’s are all receiving some kind of Power-5 interest from Applewhite to Colin Carey Colin Carey 6'6" | SF Sunrise Mountain | 2021 State AZ

10. 15 SF’s that I know of are receiving D1 interest from Applewhite to Paris Woods Paris Woods 6'5" | SF Bella Vista Prep | 2021 State AZ .  

11. The Center group only has 11 total but 3 have already signed with Carson Basham Carson Basham 6'10" | C AZ Compass Prep | 2021 State AZ (Pepperdine), Matur Dhal Matur Dhal 6'10" | C Phhoenix Prep | 2021 State AZ (Cal Poly) and Carter Van Hammond Carter Van Hammond 6'9" | C Phhoenix Prep | 2021 State AZ (Air Force). 

12. 10 of the 11 Centers are receiving D1 interest, showing how important REAL size is to the next level from unsigned Marko Milivojevic Marko Milivojevic 6'11" | C Dream City Christian | 2021 State AZ to Jeffrey Goodere Jeffrey Goodere 6'9" | C Taylor Made Prep | 2021 State AZ . All 11 are from 6’8 to 6’11. 

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