Posted On: 08/27/20 12:00 PM

On August 22, Wildcats Select 2022 played in the East Coast National Championships in Erie, PA. I watched their games live thanks to BallerTV. Here are my evaluations on the WV guys:



Jerome Beya Jerome Beya 6'9" | C Teays Valley Christian Prep | 2022 #200 Nation KS

Teays Valley ’22

6’8” Big

Beya continued to show what he has in the past. He is big, physical and extremely athletic. Offensively, at this point he is still limited but he has improved all of his skills since February. What he does possess offensively is great hands and he dunks everything. Defensively is where Jerome shines. He is one of the best shot blockers in the entire nation. He is quick off the floor and jumps through the ceiling. He also is capable of guarding 2-5 making him extremely intriguing to high majors. Beya is a high major D1 prospect and received offers from NC State, Oregon, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Xavier just to name a few.


Maki Johnson Maki Johnson 6'4" | SG Huntington Prep | 2023 State #61 Nation WV


6’4” SG

Johnson actually plays on the 15U (2023) team, but there is no post  on them because he is the only West Virginian on the team. Maki is a very crafty 2-guard and is one of my favorite players in state to watch. He scores from all 3 levels, is an elite 3 point shooter and finishes well around the rim. Johnson is a great secondary ball handler and is a solid passer. Maki is a solid defender, but shows a lot of potential due to his quick first step and jumping ability. Johnson is a high major D1 prospect and is regarded as a top 50 player nationally in 2023. He has received offers from Akron, Auburn, Maryland, Ole Miss, and Virginia Tech. 


Isaac McKneely Isaac McKneely 6'4" | SG Poca | 2022 State #54 Nation WV  

Poca ’22

6’4” SG

McKneely is one of the premier shooters in the entire country. He scores from all 3 levels and can play above the rim. Isaac had the move of the day on Saturday (August 22). He did a behind-the-back move and tried to put his defender on a poster. McKneely is a good secondary ball handler and is a good passer. He is a solid defender who can defend either guard position, but is more comfortable guarding 2’s. McKneely is a high major D1 prospect and is regarded as a top 75 player nationally in 2022. He has received offers from Marshall, Maryland, Ohio State, West Virginia, and Xavier just to name a few.


Jaidyn West Jaidyn West 6'0" | PG Notre Dame | 2022 State WV  

Notre Dame ’22

5’11” PG

You can tell West is a coach’s son. West is a steady, high IQ point guard. He is a good 3 point shooter and did a solid job at finishing around the rim. Jaidyn is a great ball handler and does a great job at limiting his dribbles. He is a good passer and sees plays before they happen. Where I see West at his best is on defense. He is a good defender, and even at just 5’11” he is able to defend either guard spot. Mid Majors and Low Major D1’s should inquire. Jaidyn currently holds an offer from Youngstown State.