Posted On: 08/16/20 1:58 AM

RecruitLooks Hoops 2020 Omaha Showcase brought quality teams from out of state and kept all the Nebraska teams in town to compete at the UBT Sports Complex in Elkhorn. There were plenty of Division One caliber players in the building, but my focus was on the next tier of prospects. These eight players fall outside the top 25 of the Nebraska 2021 Rankings, but all have a chance to be impact players at the Division II or NAIA level. 

Chaz Cullum Chaz Cullum 6'2" | CG Omaha Benson | 2021 State NE

Cullum is a physical and athletic guard with size and speed that makes him tough to keep away from the basket. He finished multiple dunks through the first two days, including a difficult two handed alley-oop that he had to reach way back to catch. Cullum could play more under control at times, but plays with a lot of energy and can finish through contact. 

Trevor Kasischke Trevor Kasischke 6'2" | CG Wahoo | 2021 State NE

Kasischke is a combo guard with decent size that does a lot of things well, including score. He can rebound, help as a ball handler, and is a good shooter from outside. He moves well away from the ball and has some ability to create shots for himself off the dribble. Kasischke hit a deep three Saturday when he hid behind a ball screen and pulled up for a jumper when his defender went underneath the screen. 

Brendan Buckley Brendan Buckley 6'3" | SG Omaha Creighton Prep | 2021 State NE

Buckley impressed with his play making ability and control of the offense. He pushed the ball up the floor as a ball handler and got his teammates involved. He also got to the basket and finished on the fast break. Buckley has a great shot from deep and should look to be more aggressive as a scorer.

Colton Uhing Colton Uhing 6'5" | SF Elkhorn | 2021 State NE

Uhing is combo forward with some size that can play on the perimeter or interior on both ends of the floor. He uses his length to block shots at the rim and rebound on defense. Uhing stretches the floor offensively with a smooth outside jump shot.

Dom Humm Dom Humm 6'0" | PG Millard West | 2021 State NE

Humm is a scrappy and super active guard that competed on both ends of the floor. He has a quick crossover and can get deep into the paint almost whenever he wants. Humm looks to create contact and finish with creativity at the rim.

Easton Hall Easton Hall 6'7" | PF Schuyler | 2021 State NE

Hall is a tall forward that stretches the floor as a shooter and can find space inside for easy baskets at the rim. He cuts and rolls hard to the basket and has good touch on the interior.

Livon Ramsey Livon Ramsey 6'4" | SF Lincoln High | 2021 State NE

Ramsey is a big wing that is a great athlete and versatile defender. He can elevate to block shots and finish with power at the rim. He is a solid ball handler that gets downhill and can finish or find open teammates when help rotates. 

Tyler Riley Tyler Riley 6'3" | SG Platteview | 2021 State NE

Riley is a long wing player that can shoot and score from all three levels. He attacks hard close outs and can score with limited dribbles. Riley is a willing passer that swings that ball quickly, but needs to be a more aggressive at times looking to catch and shoot.

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