Posted On: 08/11/20 9:38 PM

In North Texas, the small forward position is as deep as it has ever been. Based on skill, on-court capabilities, in-game performances, team success, and potential going into the 2020-21 season, who are the top small forward prospects in the whole Dallas/Fort Worth area? 

#20 Montez Young Jr.MontezYoung Jr.6'4" | G/FLake Ridge | 2021TX (2021) | 6-5 | Lake Ridge High School:

Montez Young Jr.MontezYoung Jr.6'4" | G/FLake Ridge | 2021TX is quite possibly the best defensive player in all of Dallas/Fort Worth. He has the type of defensive presence that can completely change the outcome of the game. An all-around threat on defense, he can guard every position on the court and plays with a limitless amount of energy. Full-on relentless, lockdown, disruptive defender, he’s extremely deadly in the passing lanes and has phenomenal instincts; if he gambles, it’ll usually pay off. Montez has these long arms and quick choppy feet and hands that match up perfectly with his aggression, explosiveness, and next-level anticipation, which set him apart from everyone else on the defensive end, and also allows him to come up with several blocks, steals, and deflections. A great hustler with an extremely high motor. He goes after every loose ball and rebound in his vicinity, he might just be the best rebounding guard in North Texas, there’s not a moment on the court that he’s not giving his all. Offensively he’s a freak of nature, he can jump out of the gym, Montez is an impressive dunker that gets up and throws it down off of two feet with ease. In transition there’s no stopping him, he displays excellent lateral speed, the kid goes coast to coast with the ball in a matter of seconds. Good first step and strength when driving the ball, not an easy player to keep out of the lane or to keep from scoring once he’s inside. The effort he gives every time he’s on the floor is incredible, he consistently stays active and finds a way to contribute on both ends of the court. Montez Young Jr.MontezYoung Jr.6'4" | G/FLake Ridge | 2021TX is going to really be a problem as he continues to improve and strengthen his offensive game, but one thing for sure is that he’ll be making a team better at the college level when that time comes.

#19 Brayden BradshawBraydenBradshaw6'5" | SFDenton Guyer | 2021StateTX (2021) | 6-6 | Denton Guyer High School:

On the court, Brayden BradshawBraydenBradshaw6'5" | SFDenton Guyer | 2021StateTX is a productive player that always finds a way to do damage, whether it be on defense or offense. A jack of all trades, but a master of defense, Bradshaw is a tremendous defender that can guard multiple positions, can change the outcome of the game, and take the best players out all with his defense. He’s a true defensive threat, someone you can rely on to defend the opposing team’s best player without fouling out of the game, Brayden can slow any player down and stop most. The effort and focus he displays when guarding his assignment are impressive; Bradshaw plays extremely effective deny defense, he doesn’t give any breathing room and stays on his man like white on rice. Brayden’s potential to become the ultimate role player at the next level is what sets him apart, he possesses all the intangibles that can’t be taught, he hustles every play, goes after loose balls, and after tough rebounds. Offensively, the forward has a knack for scoring in the lane, he likes to beat his man off the baseline, he’s a good cutter that finds openings, and he also shows the ability to post-up players his size or smaller. Solid spot-up shooter, Brayden can really shoot it when he catches the ball in his shooting pocket and has his feet set. Brayden BradshawBraydenBradshaw6'5" | SFDenton Guyer | 2021StateTX has proved to be a coachable player that is willing to do any and everything for the betterment of his team. 

#18 Donta CoadyDontaCoady6'4" | SFArlington Bowie | 2021StateTX (2021) | 6-4 | Arlington Bowie High School:

This all-around small forward has been improving his game since his junior season ended. Great glue guy with all-around skills that help him fill a stat sheet on any given day. Smart offensive player with and without the ball, Donta knows how to improvise, keep possesions alive, play off his point guard, and make backdoor cuts. He shows his unselfish side by giving up a good shot for a great shot, always willing to make the extra pass for a better opportunity. Donta understands his limitations and uses his strength to his advantage, he knows his spots and how to get to them. A capable scorer with a solid mid-range jumper and a good outside shot, especially when left open; Coady can be dangerous when he’s aggressive and getting to his spots consistently. Defensively, he’s effective, he gets a lot done, has a good eye for the ball along with his anticipation, and has great endurance, the kid can play all day and not get tired once. Donta CoadyDontaCoady6'4" | SFArlington Bowie | 2021StateTX’s presence on both ends of the floor makes him an important piece for any team he plays for, his unselfishness, productiveness, and ability to play within the offense sets him apart from others at his position and even rubs off on the players around him. Coady is going to be the key piece to Arlington Bowie making another return and a deep run in the playoffs.

#17 Trey FrazierTreyFrazier6'5" | SFNIA | 2021StateTX (2021) | 6-5 | Newman International Academy:

 Trey FrazierTreyFrazier6'5" | SFNIA | 2021StateTX is a raw talent prospect with a solid all-around skillset. He showed off his versatility this past season with the way he was able to be a floor spreader and play inside and out. Frazier’s ability to score out of the post and from mid-range was highly effective. Throughout the year he has become a stronger mid-range shooter and has started to hit the shot with consistency, Frazier has shown that his game isn’t all about getting to the rim. He has long arms and a solid frame that he uses to his advantage when it comes to rebounding, blocking shots, or getting into the lane. Trey stays aggressive when going for rebounds, he attacks the boards at a high rate and often comes up with a lot of boards and putback dunks. Frazier doesn’t care who’s standing under the rim, this explosive leaper posterized defenders his entire junior season and is always looking to dunk on more. He’s coming off a year where he averaged 17 points and 7 rebounds per game, a stat line that will likely jump to the double digits by the end of his senior season. Trey FrazierTreyFrazier6'5" | SFNIA | 2021StateTX’s potential has been showing for a while now and looking like he’s just starting to scratch the surface.

 #16 Noah McDavidNoahMcDavid6'5" | SGLake Highlands | 2021StateTX (2021) | 6-5 | Lake Highlands High School:

Noah McDavidNoahMcDavid6'5" | SGLake Highlands | 2021StateTX is coming off a big junior season where he not only led his team to the playoffs but also led them in scoring, he put up almost 500 points while averaging 14 points and 5 rebounds per game. When it came to driving the lane there was no keeping him out, he used his length and his explosive first step to get in the paint over and over again, and he usually did it all without a ball-screen or a drawn-up play. Noah also did a great job of keeping focus, protecting the ball, and finishing through the traffic when in the paint. He really abused his opponents when he was able to get to his spots. McDavid’s a solid shooter from outside, but he’s a killer inside the arc. Knockdown jump shooter from mid-range, good pull-up, and a high release that makes it a lot easier for him to shoot over defenders. The feel for the game he displays is off the charts, he does an impressive job of moving without the ball, constantly cutting and finding soft spots in the defense to capitalize on; he just always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Some of the qualities he has are simply unteachable. There’s no telling how much Noah McDavidNoahMcDavid6'5" | SGLake Highlands | 2021StateTX will improve by the start of his senior season, but it is safe to say that his stock has been rising and will continue to rise throughout the year.  

RankNameHeightHigh SchoolClass
#20Montez Young Jr.6'5Lake Ridge High School2021
#19Brayden Bradshaw6'6Denton Guyer High School2021
#18Donta Coady 6'4Arlington Bowie High School2021
#17Trey Frazier6'5Newman International Academy 2021
#16Noah McDavid6'5Lake Highlands High School2021