Posted On: 08/8/20 1:36 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY — I elected to post this morning’s entry from Team Griffin’s Closed Session in a note-taking format to be able to send quicker updates to our readers. Here were a few standouts from the morning session(s):

Red Team

v. Black Team

Red / HC John Roby

Trey Alexander Trey Alexander 6'4" | SG Oklahoma City Heritage | 2021 State #55 Nation OK  | G | Heritage Hall (OK) ’21

  • Handling responsibilities in numerous facets of the game. Bringing the ball up the floor, not turning it over and pushing pace.
  • Passing well on the drive-and-kick.
  • Hitting shots in motion on the fade-away with D-I accuracy.

Makale Smith Makale Smith 6'1" | PG Midwest City | 2021 State OK | G | Midwest City (OK) ’21

  • Converted on one face-up against Wallace.
  • Played a two-way role, excelled on both ends of the floor, though his handle did not always serve him.
  • Passed well, pushed the pace and transition and distributed a crafty lob from about 50 feet to Roland.

Rickey Hunt Rickey Hunt 6'0" | PG Millwood | 2023 State OK | G | Millwood (OK) ’23

  • Really impressed on both ends of the floor; spent a few possessions handling 6’9” Oyana by himself and did not get exposed.
  • Defensively limited great talent, overpowering forces.
  • Offensively finished well near the rack.

Jaden Greathouse Jaden Greathouse 6'3" | PG Austin Westlake | 2023 State TX | G | Westlake (TX) ’23

  • Finished very well at the rack with either hand, great down-hill speed and could weave his way and accelerate through traffic. Definitely not just a football player.
  • Hit spot-ups when his name was called.

Gloire Houmba | G | Sunrise Christian (KS) ’21

  • Player coming into his own on both ends of the floor.
  • Athleticism has been there, but is more developed where he was previously a raw speedster.
  • Converted on a tough bucket on a mid-range pull-up and hit some spot-ups from 3-point range.

Caden Fry Caden Fry 6'7" | C Owasso | 2022 State OK | F | Owasso (OK) ’22

  • Second-half, found his gear in rebounding game and was very competitive on the boards; found great positioning on often taller players and used athleticism to his advantage.
  • Used touch around the rim to score. Can go from aggressive-to-gentle on attack in the blink of an eye, aiding him in scoring with either hand at a high percentage from putting range.
  • Took advantages of miss-matches in the paint
  • Some passing presence from the post, showcasing his awareness and vision for the game. 

Parker Friedrichsen Parker Friedrichsen 6'4" | SG Bixby | 2023 State #92 Nation OK | G | Bixby (OK)

  • Stepped to the occasion and converted on shots from the catch while also showcasing some on-ball talents by keeping the ball in Reds’ hands.

Tobias Roland | G | Putnam City West (OK)

  • All-around game on full-display; slashing, passing scoring at the rack, hitting shots and defending any threat that came his way.

Black / HC DJ Lemons

David Oyana | F | Sunrise Christian (KS) ’23

  • Vicious rebounding presence, even with a host of tall players on the other side — 6’8/9” Yalden, 6’7” Fry — Oyana’s vertical advantage allowed him to leap for boards.
  • Excelled in enforcer role

LJ Gurley LJ Gurley 5'10" | PG Choctaw | 2021 State OK | PG | Choctaw (OK) ’21

  • Playing an important on-ball defensive role; gave Fiedrichsen a lot of trouble on one possession and forced a turnover from adherence alone.

Brandon Garrison | F | Del City (OK) ’23

  • Presence in (I assume) his best competition to-date showed a lot of promise.
  • As a defensive enforcer, he competed without struggling in the foul count.
  • Put pressure on opposing slashers.

Cason Wallace Cason Wallace 6'4" | CG Richardson | 2022 State #19 Nation TX | G | Richardson (TX) ’22

  • First glance; exceptionally gifted athlete with polished skill. Shot and drove with precision, has some handles and explosive energy to play above the rim in the half-court.
  • Good shooting mechanics and coordinated footwork.
  • Hit one shot from the short corner, behind the backboard with Alexander breathing down his neck. Great defense, better scoring.
  • Defensively was a nightmare for Alexander, at times.

Kevin Overton Kevin Overton 6'3" | SG Midwest City | 2022 State OK | G/F | Midwest City (OK) ’22

  • Displayed skill on the perimeter offensively; fervent shooter as always and pulled one shot in the second half from a body’s length beyond the college line, leaving a defender under him.
  • Exercised some slashing skill, drew the foul and sank free throws.

Grey 75

v. Red 70

Red / HC John Roby

Trey Alexander Trey Alexander 6'4" | SG Oklahoma City Heritage | 2021 State #55 Nation OK  | G | Heritage Hall (OK) ’21

  • Finding much more luck in his deep ball, nets a quick 8 points in a short span of time to start the game.
  • Finishes against contact and draws the foul at a tricky angle.
  • Mid-range game solidified after first-game rust.
  • When his skills were the most needed, he excelled the most; scored efficiently, passed, rebounded and defended to help RED close a 12-point gap.
  • Hit a triple through contact late in the match.

Caden Fry Caden Fry 6'7" | C Owasso | 2022 State OK | F | Owasso (OK) ’22

  • Playing with similar aggression, fervor as he did in first game offensively.

Gus Yalden | F | Mater Dei (CA) ’23

  • Finishing with the finesse around the rim, playing with efficiency while facing a crucial deficit in the second half; helped Griffin narrow a 12-point differential on back-to-back possessions.
  • Size difference overpowered and outplayed numerous competitors in the paint.

Jaden Greathouse Jaden Greathouse 6'3" | PG Austin Westlake | 2023 State TX | G | Westlake (TX) ’23

  • Speed and slicing skills came up in big ways, utilizing drive-and-kick by concentrating defenders to the interior.
  • Passes well in motion.

Rickey Hunt Rickey Hunt 6'0" | PG Millwood | 2023 State OK | PG | Millwood (OK) ’23

  • High-energy player, brought fire into the match late and helped Red with five points in the final minute-and-a-half of play as Red narrowed a 21-point deficit to 5.
  • Also rebounded competitively and competed with players with ten-or-more inches on him.

Grey / HC Troy Lallemand

KJ Adams KJ Adams 6'7" | PF Austin Westlake | 2021 State #69 Nation TX | F | Westlake (TX) ’21

  • Playing unstoppable offensively; getting to the rack from the perimeter, bullying defenders in his path.

Cade Bond | G | Community Christian (OK)

  • Showed some finesse, drove to the rack and finished off-the-glass from a tough angle.

T.J. Caldwell T.J. Caldwell 6'5" | CG Faith Family Academy | 2022 State #182 Nation TX | G | Faith Family (TX) ’22

  • Down-hill speed was a gear above the rest as he weaved and sliced his way through the defense to get to the rim.
  • Showed off a back-scratcher in the open court in the first half.
  • Finishes with such speed and elevation that Red had little answer when he got the ball with space ahead of him.
  • Not a bad passer, either; plays under-control.
  • Converted from 3-point range, as well.

Jacobe Johnson Jacobe Johnson 6'3" | SG Mustang | 2023 State #133 Nation OK | G | Mustang (OK) ’23

  • Swift mid-range shot from the handle, lightning-quick release and smooth mechanics helped Grey by leveraging a tipping-point scoring presence against the Red defense. The endless 

Adante Holiman Adante Holiman 5'11" | PG McAlester | 2022 State #229 Nation OK | PG | McAlester (OK) ’22

  • Putting defenders in a blender as soon as he steps on the floor.
  • Created separation with ease against numerous defending guards, got to the rim untouched on one possession and gave a quality pass to the interior.
  • Started having fun late in the match and knocked down an impressive shot from deep following a quick hesitation move.

Jaylon White Jaylon White 5'11" | PG Norman North | 2021 State OK | G | Norman North (OK) ’21

  • Absolutely lighting up the Red defense on back-to-back possessions with swift strikes from 3-point range from the dribble. 

Bradyn Hubbard Bradyn Hubbard 6'6" Tulsa Memorial | 2022 OK | F | Tulsa Memorial (OK) ’22

  • Stretched the floor with a deep strike from-the-catch in the second half.