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Time to revisit the Class of 2022 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s growth or stagnation.  Rankings are subjective and (@CourtneyHoops90 + @AndrewForce8) ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at several Class of 2022 prospects and learn a little about their reputation


76 Ethan TolbertEthanTolbert6'4" | SFDyer County | 2022StateTN 6’4″ / SF Dyer County Tennessee Blazers 17u    
77 Will AmonettWillAmonett5'11" | PGPickett County | 2022StateTN 5’11″ / PG Pickett County Tennessee Tigers    
78 Adler KerrAdlerKerr6'2" | PGWilson Central | 2022StateTN 6’2″ / PG Wilson Central      
79 Eli WallsEliWalls6'3" | SGPowell | 2022StateTN 6’3″ / SG Powell Team Passion    
80 Jarrod TaylorJarrodTaylor6'3" | CGEast Nashville | 2022StateTN 6’3″ / CG East Nashville

The following players are now ranked in the Top 80 statewide (LEFT-new rank).  

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Gioppino Basketball clip art#76 Ethan TolbertEthanTolbert6'4" | SFDyer County | 2022StateTN (Dyer County)

Though the evaluation listed below is now nearly a year old, Ethan TolbertEthanTolbert6'4" | SFDyer County | 2022StateTN was an All-Star during our 2019 Fall Combine.  He has grown to 6-foot-4 in the interim and developed as a basketball player.

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Ethan TolbertEthanTolbert6'4" | SFDyer County | 2022StateTN (Dyer County) gifted the @PrepHoopsTN/AboveTheRimGym Fall Combine with technical feet and hands around the rim.  Tolbert should again challenge for All-District while helping Dyer County to a 20+ win season.  

How did he measure against the competition?

  • Class of 2022
  • 6’3″ power forward
  • Wingspan — 6’5″ or 77″
  • Standing Reach — 7’11”
  • Peak Reach — 10’2″
  • One-step vertical — 27″
  • Height w/o shoes — 6’3″
  • Height w/ shoes — 6’3.5″
  • Shoe Size — 14
  • Hand Span — 9.0″
  • Hand Length — 8.0″
  • Lane Agility — 11.76
  • All-Star Top 20

NBA Stylistic Comparison: 2011 Bulls Carlos Boozer
College Projection: NAIA or bigger if grows to 6’6″+

Promising sophomore out of Dyer County High School.  Recorded 16 rebounds in his first game of his sophomore season!

Played well.  I was surprised.  He is a forward all day.  He will never defend the perimeter.  His perimeter defensive skills are not there.  He runs the floor well.  He is going to be a problem this season for Dyer County High School defenses and defenders because he likes to run every time.  People are going to get exhausted.  They are going to get annoyed.  They are going to stop running.  That is going to be a problem for opposing teams.  

He will be an impact player for Dyer County this year.  He played really well at the event and made it into the Top 20 game.  Loves the game obviously.  Fights hard for rebounds.  Vertical was measured at 27.0″.  He might be able to claw 2-3 more inches for his one-step and generally verticals are higher if a player gets several strides in advance.  With time Tolbert might become a player who plays above the rim.  Right now he is a technician around the rim, but not a guy that dunks everything in traffic.  That could come.

Size 14 shoe indicates he may still be growing.  His 6-foot-5 wingspan is encouraging.  Though his hands are average size for his height, he is a better than average rebounder for a Class AAA starter.  Considering he is just now beginning his sophomore season, Tolbert is a guy that could conceivably record some 20-20 games in the coming years.

Fun player to watch.  Inspires teammates with energy.  Comfortable around the rim.  Doesn’t get scare from contact. More importantly, he finishes off everything he should.  Doesn’t miss cheapies.   

Gioppino Basketball clip art#77 Will AmonettWillAmonett5'11" | PGPickett County | 2022StateTN (Pickett County)

Junior-to-be Will AmonettWillAmonett5'11" | PGPickett County | 2022StateTN is a throwback, pass-first point guard who sincerely runs an offense.  During his July time with Tennessee Tigers 16u outside Atlanta, Will was steadily swinging the basketball around the arc and constantly changing the point of attack.  When an offensive rebound was quickly kicked out to Will, instead of taking a viable three-point attempt, Amonett forced the defenders to continue to scramble and react by passing sharply to his fellow guards.  Classic facilitator.  Sharp basketball mind.  Amonett’s ability to crumble a fullcourt press is impressive.  The Tennessee Tigers 16u team runs out several capable ball-handlers (Brevin KlymBrevinKlym6'0" | PGFranklin | 2022StateTN, Zach AmonettZachAmonett5'11" | PGPickett County | 2022StateTN, Brendon TippsBrendonTipps5'11" | PGLoretto | 2022StateTN) and Will snapped his passes to the breaking points in the fullcourt zone over and over.  Questions about Will’s play include, ’Can he finish in traffic against college-sized forwards?’ and ’He is a good shooter, but is he an elite outside shooter?  If not, can he become an elite outside shooter?’



Gioppino Basketball clip art#78 Adler KerrAdlerKerr6'2" | PGWilson Central | 2022StateTN (Wilson Central)

 Adler KerrAdlerKerr6'2" | PGWilson Central | 2022StateTN performed well during his sophomore high school season.  He was a starting guard on the 11-16 Wildcat team.  Kerr’s physical assets included active, disruptive, defensive hands and an adept shooting touch.  Wilson Central sorely lacked for size and to compensate, Kerr helped and occasionally lead the rebounding effort.  High motor.


Gioppino Basketball clip art#79 Eli WallsEliWalls6'3" | SGPowell | 2022StateTN (Powell)

Thin. Eli WallsEliWalls6'3" | SGPowell | 2022StateTN is a bucket-getter with Team Passion 16u.   “Walls is a fluid scorer, long and athletic defender as well! High-percentage shooter,” said Team Passion Director Trenton Flemming.

Jarrod TaylorJarrodTaylor6'3" | CGEast Nashville | 2022StateTN made the Top 20 All-Star Game at the 2019 PrepHoopsTN Fall Combine.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#80 Jarrod TaylorJarrodTaylor6'3" | CGEast Nashville | 2022StateTN (East Nashville)

Powerful. Solid. Taylor is gregarious and friendly off the court while ratcheting up his competitive nature on.  Read this evaluation of his game as of October 2019 below (PrepHoopsTN Combine).

Jarrod TaylorJarrodTaylor6'3" | CGEast Nashville | 2022StateTN measured just under six feet tall.  His wingspan was recorded at a staggering 6-foot-5, or +6.  Those long arms enabled him to defend post feeds better than most.  His defense is mercurial and not entirely polished.  Through pockets of brilliant defending, Jarrod proved he can be an asset to East Nashville Head Coach Avery Patton and yet he looked perplexingly heavy-footed in the All-Star Game defending Hume-Fogg senior Malachi ParhamMalachiParham6'3" | CGHume-Fogg | 2021StateTN.  

In order to become a unstoppable Class AA player, Taylor needs to utilize his upper body strength more often while continuing to develop that strong outside shot.  Defenders are going to have a difficult time keeping Jarrod from the lane this season.  He is just too strong and quick.  During this particular event he leaned too much on the outside shot when easy slashing opportunities simultaneously existed.  Already, Taylor possesses the physical attributes to be a dangerous scoring guard.  He can improve his court awareness a touch and embrace his role as a multi-faceted scorer.

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