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Time to revisit the Class of 2022 rankings and adjust to account for the player’s growth or stagnation.  Rankings are subjective and (@CourtneyHoops90 + @AndrewForce8) ranks purely upon potential and where the player will be at their basketball peak.  Production factors in only when helping prove the potential is greater or lesser.  Why did we rank these guys?  Why are they at this spot?  Take a look at several Class of 2022 prospects and learn a little about their reputation.


61 Brevin KlymBrevinKlym6'0" | PGFranklin | 2022StateTN 6’0″ / PG Franklin Tennessee Tigers    
62 Marcellus BoydMarcellusBoyd6'2" | SGCordova | 2022StateTN 6’2″ / SG Cordova      
63 David CraigDavidCraig6'10" | CMcCallie | 2022StateTN 7’1″ / C McCallie      
64 Demarkus MossDemarkusMoss6'8" | PFKingsbury | 2022StateTN 6’8″ / PF Kingsbury      
65 Grant StrongGrantStrong6'4" | SGClay County | 2022StateTN 6’4″ / SG Clay County Tennessee Bobcats 17u

The following players are now ranked in the Top 80 statewide (LEFT-new rank).  

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Gioppino Basketball clip art#61 Brevin KlymBrevinKlym6'0" | PGFranklin | 2022StateTN (Franklin)

Exceptional outside shooter.  You can count on a single hand the number of better outside shooters in Tennessee.  Brevin’s path to college will be as a shooter.  Can he expand his game beyond this?  

Gioppino Basketball clip art#62 Marcellus BoydMarcellusBoyd6'2" | SGCordova | 2022StateTN (Cordova)

The potential for Marcellus BoydMarcellusBoyd6'2" | SGCordova | 2022StateTN to be a top 50 player is very strong.  Boyd’s sophomore season he played a particularly supportive role aside Justin BordersJustinBorders5'8" | PGCordova | 2020StateTN, K’Juan BanksK’JuanBanks5'11" | WGCordova | 2020StateTN, Jordan HamJordanHam6'3" | SGWest Creek | 2020StateTNilton, and others.  He didn’t get to put everything he is capable of on film.  Still, players inside the program are fully aware of the expansive Boyd ceiling.  “Knock down shooter,” offered Banks via Twitter DM conversation.  “Can’t leave him open at all. Very long and lengthy defender. And just a high-IQ basketball player.  Rarely makes a bad play.” 

Boyd’s thin body is lean and strong, but of course he needs to attack the weights.  Finishing through contact must improve.  At 6-foot-2, Boyd projects as a point guard, shooting guard, or possibly a small forward if that even still is a thing.  Boiled down, Boyd looks to be a wing attacker/defender at the next level.  “Trust me,” said K’Juan BanksK’JuanBanks5'11" | WGCordova | 2020StateTN via Twitter DM conversation.  “Keep this man on the Radar.”


Gioppino Basketball clip art#63 David CraigDavidCraig6'10" | CMcCallie | 2022StateTN (McCallie)

Rare size.  This season will be the much-awaited breakout campaign for David.  Craig is back in South Africa for the summer with his family.  He almost never played varsity minutes during his first two years of high school as McCallie Head Coach told, “It’s a process. He’s still a young man who’s trying to figure out how to be seven feet tall.”


Gioppino Basketball clip art#64 Demarkus MossDemarkusMoss6'8" | PFKingsbury | 2022StateTN (Kingsbury)

Blessed with rare height, Demarkus MossDemarkusMoss6'8" | PFKingsbury | 2022StateTN will get plenty of opportunities to make a college roster.  Right now he is still a project big.  

Demarkus is capable of passing out of the post, rebounding inside his area, and making a couple bunnies.  His areas of needed growth include: fitness, explosion, post moves, and defensive awareness.  Man, the potential is tremendous though.  Moss is incredibly powerful, so much so, that he sent a opposing player toppling by simply extending his arm.  Moss was setting a block out and the simply act of un-bending the arm dislodged a 150-pound man.  


Gioppino Basketball clip art#65 Grant StrongGrantStrong6'4" | SGClay County | 2022StateTN (Clay County)

Good hops. Perfect height for his position.  With the Tennessee Bobcats 17u, Grant plays up 2 classes.  Previous players vaulted into this position by Kevin Feltner include: Grant Ledford, Braden IlicBradenIlic6'10" | PFMorristown East | 2022StateTN. In the coming year, Strong is likely to be one of the most dominant scorers in Class A statewide.

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