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This past weekend our 17U field in Dallas featured players from over 8 different states and a variety of talent levels. Get a look at my full report from the weekend keeping in mind I only saw 17U action. 
Jones is a smooth operating 6’6 Wing with endless upside. What we saw this weekend is a nationally ranked player who played within himself not forcing anything just taking the game as it came to him. Using his good athleticism Jones had great success driving and finishing around the basket. The three-point shot of Jones looks great coming off his hand each time. Defense was an area where his length really helps him tremendously to be a pest to the opposing team. Last but not least Jones not only sees the floor well but has the passing skills to put the ball on the money where it needs to land for success.
Shakiru Odunewu 2021 FOE 17U Elite Post
Towering in the paint at 6’9 Odunewu caught my eye three weeks ago in Oklahoma City. At the time I saw a ton of potential but needed to see more games to validate where exactly he stood. Three weeks later I’ve seen him play over 5 games and I must say he is without a doubt in my mind a D1 prospect. The crazy part is if you watch his game he is just scratching the surface. Odunewu uses his huge frame and explosion to snag boards, fight for position leading to easy baskets inside, and block shots. He moves pretty well and with more time playing the game is only going to become more fluid. Odunewu to me is a lock at least at the LM D1 level and as high as MM.
Max AlexanderMaxAlexander6'0" | PGBuhler | 2021StateKS 2021 Kansas Pray N Play Point Guard 
Alexander is a speedy burst of energy at the Point with an unrelenting motor. The full speed of Alexander is quicker than most. The key to Alexander playing so fast is the control he has limiting turnovers and optimizing possessions with points. He took over at times this weekend for his team filling it up. When it was really needed he got his teammates going hitting them in great spots. The part of his game that shined brightest was his steals on defense. Alexander continues to get looks at the High D2 to LM D1 level. 
Young filled it up from behind the arc all weekend long. He’s literally the definition of a three and D Wing. The long length he has adds to just how well he fits that role. Young had D1 offers on the table but none like what he would have had if there was a full summer schedule. Young will be an absolute steal for the college that lands his talents.
White put on a clinic this weekend scoring the rock at such a smooth pace off the bounce. He is one of those guys who loves to create off the bounce and finds ways to hit big shots from all three levels. Crafty moves had defenders in trouble trying to defend him. White is very clearly a D1 talent and is massively under-recruited.
We saw a flash of the future from Martin in Dallas. He caught fire in the second game of the weekend netting over 30 points. The jumper is really lethal for Martin when he is playing with confidence. He is at least 6’5, which makes him tough to defend and impactful on defense. The length of Martin is going to go a long way and is one of the biggest things that has colleges buzzing. Making high IQ plays on the court is another thing coaches enjoy about Martin. Multiple D1 coaches are reaching out each week he plays to get a better feel for Martin. It is only a matter of time before his recruitment skyrockets with D1 offers.
Ejiofor was the lone bright spot for Bigtyme in the game I saw. When the chips got down in the game he kept working hard in the paint, especially on offense. The explosion off the floor led to big-time dunks and domination on the boards. Ejiofor used his 6’8 frame to his advantage at all times, which is something some big men fail to do. Ejiofor is still raw in many areas but his ceiling is as high as it gets.
6'5" | SGSan Ysidro | 2022 2022 TJ Ford Basketball Guard
Griggs moves at his own smooth pace on the court handling the rock. Invading the lane with crafty moves led Griggs to easy baskets around the hoop. Many are well aware of Griggs talent scoring the hoop but what has to be highlighted more are his passing skills. He got his teammates great looks at the hoop. The game of Griggs really has a James Harden feel, which is not shocking considering he trained with him for multiple years. His game is as smooth as it gets. 
Shepherd stands at every bit of 6’8 in the paint with tons of valuable skills. Let’s start with his stellar passing skills for a big man he can really see the floor well and get the ball where it needs to go. On the boards Shepherd dominated making his presence known each time the basketball was up for grabs. Shepherd can score in the paint when given the opportunities. It was his outside shot and mid-range jumper that sold me. He has a lot of upside going forward. 
Pedulla has turned from the guy chasing players to outperform to being hunted by the rest of the field. That is what happens when the High Major D1 offers start to flow in. There are a different swagger and level of confidence from Pedulla on the court. Pedulla handled the pressure well especially as the games got more important making the right plays. Defenses paid for any room they left him. Pedulla continues to show why his recruitment has gone crazy each time he laces them up. 
There may have not been a better downhill driver to the hoop in Dallas than Dawsey. When he had his mind made up he was going to get to the rim he made it happen with speed, change of pace, and a sharp handle of the rock. The recruitment of Dawsey has been surprisingly quiet after a great year at Lawton Mac. D2 and JUCO programs should be all over Dawsey. Not only can he get downhill and score it well he opened up a lot on offense for his teammates around him.  
Basham is one of those guys who walks into a room and instantly stands out because of his great size. Double-doubles are all Basham brings to the floor. The consistency of his stats come from his good footwork, great post moves, hustle, and playmaking ability with the ball in his hands. Get your camera ready for this kid because he can get you a highlight show.  Pepperdine landed a very good prospect who I see excelling there. 
Hutton was a walking highlight reel running the Point for PB Nation. Leading his crew to the Championship game was no easy task for Hutton. He is super energetic on both ends of the floor. At times he left the defense standing in quicksand with his quick burst to the hole. Scoring the basketball came easy for Hutton from all three levels on the court. The quickness does not stop at his feet, Hutton has a fast shot from three-point range. What shocked me about his game was the ability of Hutton to block shots. He can get up there and compete on the defensive end. 
Shannon can score it so do not get it twisted. But he is on this report for the great defense he brought to the floor this past weekend. He sat down and made every player he guarded have to earn it every second. Shannon uses his elite athleticism, quickness, and long arms to make it very difficult for his opponent to get a good look. Shannon has a D1 offer and several D2 offers but for some reason just has not been able to snag the attention of colleges just yet. 
Tobias Roland 2021 BTR Guard
Roland has received an unfair rap from his younger days of coming up through the middle school ranks as a Post player. In high school he has completely transformed his body and skill set into a Wing player. There is no doubt in my mind Roland is a D1 talent. He did not forget his skills from his younger days and uses those to score extremely well inside. It’s a constant mix of moves in the paint to Lee the defenders guessing and many times fouling. A strong frame on with sneaky quickness makes him tough to get by on defense. He sits down and guards one of many reasons why Low to Mid Major coaches will love this kid. Roland has improved his passing a ton, which he displayed beautifully this weekend dropping dimes to his teammates. He’s a perfect program player that doesn’t get in trouble, leads by example, plays unselfish, and will do whatever a team needs to win.
Shotmaker. That is the best description for the game of Jake GendronJakeGendron6'5" | SFBishop Kelley | 2021StateOK right now. Standing very close if not 6’6 on the Wing Gendron was a problem for teams. He uses his length to his advantage knowing just the length to get separation for a clean look. Gendron has multiple D2 offers and a D1 offer on the table from Navy.
LJ GurleyLJGurley5'10" | PGChoctaw | 2021StateOK 2021 Oklahoma Hustle Point Guard
Gurley got to the bucket at will this weekend using his quickness to burst right past the defense. When among the tall trees Gurley had great timing to take the shot at the best open window for him to score. Extremely good footwork on defense kept him in the opposing players path at all times. Gurley would be a great fit at the small college level.
Raul NunezRaulNunez6'3" | CGChoctaw | 2021StateOK 2021 Oklahoma Hustle Point Guard
Nunez does everything for Oklahoma Hustle. The 6’4 Point Guard is very wise in his decision making with the basketball. The vision Nunez is what makes him such a dynamic passer. Constantly with the ball in his hands, Nunez is scanning through floor seeking out the moment when the defense has a crack in it. Gliding to the basket was the best way to describe Nunez’s scoring efforts as he made it look too easy at times. Nunez has to be towards the top of the list this summer for me when it comes to having made a massive statement of being way underrated and under-recruited. NCAA D2s and JUCOs take a strong look if you are in need of a 6’4 playmaking guard.
McCurdy was masterful on the defensive end this weekend. Especially when taking on top tier Guard talent nationally. The footwork and speed of McCurdy helped him stick with his man. The speed of McCurdy also makes him thrive on offense using it to both get to the cup and to create separation for his jumper. I can’t leave out his great passing either. What we saw this weekend was another example of why D2 schools should be recruiting him hard.
I could literally write almost the same thing each week on Hartloff. He has been one of the most consistent players this summer. Each game he hits three to five three-pointers plays on defense contesting shots with a few blocks and finds his way to the bucket for a couple baskets. Sounds like a guy you’d want right? He holds a few D2 offers but still has plenty of room for others to join the party.
Early in the day on Saturday, Scott was left open just a couple of times. For those who know Scott you know, that is all it takes for him to get going. Scott was unreal shooting the basketball with his beautiful form splashing shots in left and right. D2 offers are starting to roll in for Scott and should not slow down anytime soon. Reminder he is playing up a grade.
Reyce Allen 2021 Drive Nation Houston Forward
Allen is a tough as nails 6’4 four-man. He could definitely slide out to the Wing in college with some adjustments to his body and game. That being said I really like him as a D2 mismatch four-man. He’s quick, can body up bigger guys, has the athleticism to elevate with just about anyone, and plays his butt off. Allen first caught my eye from some major blocks back to back in the paint. He fed off his energy on defense turning them into instant offense with run-out dunks. Allen did also show a little touch on his jumper. He’s certainly a player who isn’t concerned that he is having to play a four-man role at 6’4. It’s refreshing to see a guy buy into being the star of his role.
Turner is best described as a crafty Guard who is constantly making plays off the bounce. He isn’t the quickest but through his shifty play seems to find himself around the basket on his drives quite often. Turner found his jumper after attacking the hoop, which was a big lift for his offense. He is raw at times with the basketball in his hand. That being said he’s someone worth taking a look at the NAIA to JUCO level.
Perry is pretty strong for his age looking like a middle linebacker ready to make a running back pay. Size is a big benefit for him in hoops allowing him to rebound at a much higher level and defend. Multiple times I saw him get shoved only to not move much like a brick wall. He holds his own, to say the least. When Oklahoma Chaos was able to get the ball inside to him he was able to use his quickness against slower taller defenders. Perry looks to me like the perfect JUCO fit to elevate further in college, but he still has lots of time.
Jalen Goodman 2022 Drive Nation Houston Point Guard
Goodman was the steadiest Point Guard I saw over the weekend. Consistently he came in and gave Drive Nation Houston many minutes with little to no turnovers. Even better he’s lightning fast leading to the defense crashing down upon him, which he turns into a quick dump down to a teammate for a score. Goodman isn’t flashy quite the opposite. Coaches at the next level will enjoy consistency without the up and down flash. He projects at the small college level.
When you sit down to take in a game of Johnson it does not take long to identify him as a prospect to know. Then you start to research and learn of him playing up two years at the 17U level and it is even more impressive what he is doing. Johnson will no doubt be a national prospect with his length on the Wing, athleticism, and will to win. This young man attacks the basket with great intensity each time. Johnson continued his aggression on defense swatting and adjusting shots along with exploiting the passing lanes for steals. Keep an eye on Johnson he has High Major written all over his game.
Drive Nation had many teams in the event this weekend this particular team has a few unsigned seniors with Anderson being one of them. Anderson stands at 6’6 which could be one of the reasons he is still unsigned. However, the young man is plenty talented to play as a four man at the next level. JUCO would be a great option for him to rise to the D1 ranks in the future. Anderson was a shot blocking monster making sure every player who entered the paint felt his presence. Strong explosive finishes around the basket was the recipe for his success on offense. If I’m a JUCO I’m doing everything I can to land this kid.
Hart was a scoring machine on Saturday night dropping buckets on everyone’s head from all three levels. For years we have known Hart as a top tier three-point shooter. Now we are seeing his game evolve into a more complete look with the addition of his drive to the hoop. A hesitation move and burst of quickness mixed with reading the defense like a book led to a huge scoring weekend in the paint for Hart. He was excellent at drawing fouls when in the paint or using a nice floater to avoid a charge. Hart put a really special performance on Saturday night including a three-pointer a the buzzer. NCAA D2s may want to start to look his way as a scorer.
Ganaway is a lights out shooter from deep, but that is just the beginning of his game. The hustle and grind to his game is what is so fun to watch. Ganaway sets hard screens, fights for boards, plays hard tough defense, and finishes inside well among taller defenders. He is a prospect JUCO and NAIA schools could find the perfect fit in.
Harding is a tough Wing with a good strong frame. His strength plays a factor in his game on defense, rebounding, and finishing inside. Harding is not the player who is going to wow you with flash, but you will look up and see dang his numbers across the board are productive each game. The one thing he has that you can’t teach? Love for the game and you see it in the energy he brings to the floor each game.
Mike Quick Jr. 2022 Oklahoma Wolfpack Wing
Quick fits his last name off the bounce with blazing speed that helped him get to the basket all weekend long. Hustle is a great way to describe his game as he is constantly finding ways to impact the game positively through making the extra play. If Quick can get a consistent jumper the D1 level is certainly in reach. Considering how hard he plays Quick is a coach’s dream and a guy I would take on my team every day.
A quick twitchy athlete makes Wiggins tough to slow down with the rock in his hands. Wiggins blew past defenders over the weekend not just with speed, but also with good hesitation when needed to free him up. He is not just a scorer by any means. Many times when he uses his speed with the basketball to open up shots for his teammates. Wiggins is going to make a very nice small college Point Guard.
I will be the first to admit when I am wrong in my thinking about a prospect. When I saw the D1 offers roll through for Goff-Brown I was skeptical. This weekend he shot the ball really well leading Oklahoma Hustle each game in points. They beat several tough teams. The shooting ability of Goff-Brown is what has the D1 coaches recruiting him. In the game today if you can shoot it matters a ton. When he got left open he consistently made the opposing team pay. Goff-Brown still has work to do on defense particularly but we do have to remember he is just 2022. There is still a lot of time for him to continue to take his game to the next level.
Freddie Amaro 2021 San Antionio Nike Pro Skills Wing
Amaro has a smooth midrange game that shined brightly on Sunday. Clearly he has a scorers mentality on the floor, but do not overlook his court vision. Composure on the floor may be the best word to accurately describe him as a player. He plays at his own pace and is not sped up by the defense. Not the quickest he is able though to get to the hoop with crafty moves.
Joshua Bennett 2021 OC Starz Guard
Bennett went off in the opening half of the game I was able to watch. He used shifty quick moves to open up the defense getting to his perfect spots for high percentage shots. Bennett plays ar a fast pace at all times playing to his favor on both ends of the floor. He’s going to be a nice small college prospect as a Point Guard or two.
Simon Blair 2021 BTR Forward
Blair is the glue to the BTR squad doing a little bit of everything playing the four spot. Active hands at all times put the basketball in his hands quite often. He was excellent rebounding the basketball, especially on defense. Passing is by far his best skill as he scans the floor and uses great touch to put the ball on the money.
Do you need a shooter? Give Andrews a call. He flat out can light up the scoreboard from behind the arc. Andrews has proven time and time again he has the handle to get his own shot or can catch and shoot with the best of them. Andrews should gain a ton of JUCO, NAIA, and some D2 interest with his scoring talents. When you watch his game you also see his willingness to do the things other guys do not want to do. Taking charges was one of those many things he really excelled at this weekend. Andrews showed very well in Dallas.
The confidence of Skipper is growing by the week. The 6’7 long Forward was great at attacking the basket primarily by slashing and even a couple of times off the bounce. Skipper is a D1 player there I said it. He may not go D1 out of high school but he has the tools to go the JUCO route and with continued hard work make it to the D1 level. He could also be a very good D2 Forward if he chooses to do so. Many options are never a bad thing. Skipper not only really scored it well inside but continued to show you can count on him to step outside and make big three-point shots.
Allen has put together back to back weekends of consistently high-level play. In the paint, he is a little undersized at 6’5. However, elite athleticism, hard work, improved footwork, and the hunger to compete has made me overlook any height measurement with Allen. D2 coaches this young man is a no brainer in 2022. If he can grow to 6’7 he will be a Division I player and if not it still only takes one school to look past his height. As a four-man, he is really taking great pride in defense. Blocking or adjusting shots has become a regular thing for Allen. The motor mixed with his increasing skill levels has me very excited to see what comes of is game over the next two years.
Avant Coleman 2022 D1 Houston Point Guard
Coleman caught my eye in a Houston battle with his scoring talents. Although he is not the biggest on the floor he plays with no fear going in the paint with a good handle and the full intentions of scoring. The acrobatic layups around the cup where my personal favorite to watch out of his buckets. Last but not least he does have a jumper, which he used primarily from mid-range. Coleman is going to make a good Point Guard at the small college level.
Jaron Jackson 2020 D1 Houston Wing
Jackson was the guy for D1 Houston who did all the dirty work not many want to do. As you span the stat sheet Jackson pretty much has ever box filled with something positive. Rebounding, diving after loose balls, steals, blocks, assists, you name it he does it. The competitive motor he has on the court made him one of the best hustle players of the weekend.
Gonsoulin caught my eye with his scrappy play for TJ Ford Basketball. The skill set he possesses allows him to run the Point or okay the two. When he steps outside the arc defenders have to keep a close eye or they’ll see the ball going through the hoop for three. The hustle plays are really what made him standout to me. He will be a good small college prospect.
Jahvante O’Connor 2021 THP Elite White Point Guard
O’Connor has a good crafty handle of the basketball. He does a great job of penetrating the lane to get and opening for a kick out to a teammate or score in the paint for himself. O’Connor is not just all drive as he can shoot the rock as well. He was a huge part in the THP White squad getting to the Championship game.
Petia Dogale 2021 THP Elite White Forward
Dogale is a long lanky 6’7 Forward with great upside. He is best when he is in the paint fighting for positioning for rebounds or good looks at the hoop. He adjusted shots making sure defenders felt his presence. Dogale gave his team size, a ton of unselfish play, heart and hustle. He’d made a great fit at a NCAA D2.
AJ Ferguson 2021 Houston Raptors Wing 
Ferguson was a bucket this weekend from the Wing. His size is a huge plus at 6’5 being able to fill it up from all three levels. He put on a show with impressive jams. When he gets going in transition off of a steal lookout. 
The length of Littlejohn catches your eye instantly at 6’5 on the Wing. But it is his playing making ability that captures your entire attention. Littlejohn was a double-double machine stepping up on offense handling the ball more often and making plays off the dribble. He is the ultimate glue guy that can do a little bit of everything but score it as well. Littlejohn projects to the D2 level. 
Franklin has improved so much over the last year and a half. Turning his body and game from a post player into a versatile three or four if need be is going to help him a ton in college. Long term his positon is likey going to be at the 3. Relentlessly attacking the basket led to Franklin scoring at a very high percentage. We like him at the D2 and JUCO level out of high school with a good chance to if he went JUCO to be a D1 prospect. 
Azari Woods 2021 Houston Raptors Point Guard 
Woods had a nice showing leading his team with consistent scoring and ball handling. There was no surprise he picked up his second D1 offer after his performance. The thing I really love about this kid is he competes non-stop.
Peter McKey 2021 Houston Raptors Guard 
McKey is one of those players who can score it from just about anywhere on the floor.  Shifty is a great way to describe the way he moves on the court. He was a solid defender. As the games got bigger McKey played even better. He is without a doubt a clutch player and someone you want to have the ball in big situations. 
TJ Ford Jr. 2023 TJ Ford Basketball Point Guard
Ford Jr. is a sniper from three-point range. Playing up a few ages Ford Jr. took on the challenge and performed. Look for him to be a problem as he grows physically and in the game of basketball over the next three years. 
Chris Morris 2021 Houston Raptors Guard 
Morris had to be the defensive player of the tournament overall. When he matched up with a guy he stayed with them every step of the way making life as difficult as possible. Morris is one of those players you can appreciate with how much he loves to compete on the defensive end. He was the star of his role taking care of all the dirty work.  
Reid is going to be a great fit for an NAIA program looking for a shooter that can run the point and take care of the basketball. He did a great job of keeping up with quicker athletic guards making defense a high priority. Reid is another guy who fits the glue category with his willingness to do everything for his team to win. 
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