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Posted On: 08/6/20 12:34 PM

Some of the best players of the Midwest Collision were trusted talents that not only produced points, but did a lot more in playing their role at a high level. 

Nick Bartlett Nick Bartlett 6'1" | PG Forest Lake | 2022 State MN of Minnesota Crossfire (5’11 PG of Forest Lake; 2022).  If there were real stats kept and reported for 16u/17u events like you see at the MN Basketball Hub, you would see Nick Bartlett Nick Bartlett 6'1" | PG Forest Lake | 2022 State MN among the leaders in assists.  This tough guard continues to grit his way to a spot that moves defenders setting up shots for his teammates all game. 

Bradley Cimperman Bradley Cimperman 6'5" | SG Woodbury | 2021 State MN of Minnesota Crossfire (6’4 SG of Woodbury; 2021).  The Woodbury leading scorer from a season ago has grabbed my attention in the many Stone games I’ve seen because he hasn’t forced things.  Here is a top scorer from a top league, but even if he has missed a couple shots he hasn’t forced things making sure the size and wings of his team get the right touches.  The 14-5 record of the Crossfire shows his commitment, and this weekend it showed in his touch scoring 15 points a game at the Midwest Collision. 

Mekhi Collins Mekhi Collins 6'5" | SF Mankato West | 2022 State MN of Minnesota Fury (6’5 Forward of Mankato West; 2022).  Mekhi is one of these guys that doesn’t need plays called for him, or individual clear out situations to get his points.  He works for his scoring totals in the respectable way of finishing sets, scoring on cuts, running in transition, and scoring on second chances.  Then you add his defense, the 5-6 boards a game, and the type of passing that is the Fury Wilde signature. 

Caden Grinde Caden Grinde 6'4" | SG Spring Grove | 2021 State MN of Minnesota Rise (6’4 SG/SF of Spring Grove; 2021). Grinde appears to be a guy that simply does what it takes for a team to win.  One thing many 17u kids don’t seem to understand it that, most teams are full of talent so you only get so many shots therefore you won’t get to score big numbers that often.  You have to impress in other ways.  Caden Grinde Caden Grinde 6'4" | SG Spring Grove | 2021 State MN seems to grasp that concept.  Athletic guard that can handle some, scores with the jumper or attack, and really gets after it defensively.  Trusted to do many things. 

Kegan Heiderscheidt Kegan Heiderscheidt 6'7" | SF Sleepy Eye | 2021 State MN of Minnesota Rise (6’6 SF of Sleepy Eye; 2021).  Kegan gives a team so much that he is a player that the Rise wants on the floor at all times.  He’s an excellent passer, Kegan scores three baskets a game for his team, is one of the top Rise rebounders, and that length results in steals, blocks, deflections, and regular annoyance to other guards/wings. 

Andrew Koehler Andrew Koehler 6'5" | PF Chisago Lakes | 2021 State MN of Minnesota Heat PB&J (6’6 PF of Chisago Lakes; 2021). Andrew is outstanding at positioning his body in ways that create space for numbers.  Some players stand around without the ball and hope things happen, Andrew moves his body into position off the ball to make things happen.  This was seen when he stepped over for post feeds, this was seen when removed his man so he could board on either end, and this was seen when he cut off the ball removing another player from a potential angle to receive the ball.  Also, did you know Andrew averaged 19 and 15 as a junior last winter?!?!

Carson Kolles Carson Kolles 5'10" | PG Monticello | 2022 State MN of Minnesota Crossfire (5’9 PG of Monticello; 2022).   Let’s give three ways to describe Carson from what we saw from reviewing this weekend’s games: 1) clutch player as that game winning three shows giving his team a weekend bracket championship!  2) harassing defender that just won’t go away, may not make that flashy defensive play all the time but trusted to be there making a guy uncomfortable, 3) seems to understand when to uncork that stroke (5 threes in a title game) and when to play within. 

Andrew Morgan Andrew Morgan 6'9" | C Waseca | 2021 State #178 Nation MN of Minnesota Heat (6’9 PF of Waseca; 2021).  Offensively Andrew gives a team double figures making most of his shots, or he scores on three possessions on days he doesn’t shoot well or his teammates are hot.  What Andrew always gives his team is rebounding – grabbed nine while limiting to three in the title game – and shot blocking/shot contesting.  You all saw the block of the Lipsey shot from Morgan that is one of the plays that helped the game go to overtime where the Heat won.  

Jackson Purcell Jackson Purcell 6'4" | SF Eastview | 2021 State MN of Minnesota Select (6’4 SF of Eastview; 2021). When it comes to the most consistent players on the Select team, Jackson is at or near the top of the list.  Why?  Because he does more things consistently than others.  He rebounds better than most guards/wings on his team and the opposing team, moves the ball better than those others, defends better than many of the others, and he is scoring consistently too!  Scored on five possessions in both games we saw this weekend.  

Joshua Streit Joshua Streit 6'7" | PF Eden Valley-Watkins | 2021 State MN of D1 Minnesota (6’7/6’8 of D1 Minnesota; 2021).  Josh again?  Josh always.  Streit is one of the few power forward/center prospects out there that you can certainly trust moving off a ball screen to contain a guard, and can trust to recover in time if needed.  He rebounds at a rate that would match everybody in 17u if he wasn’t splitting time with one of the elite teams in the Midwest.  And this weekend Josh shot 10 of 16 for the event including a game with multiple threes made. 


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